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Halloween Pranks

As many of you well know, Halloween is less than a month away and some of you may be looking for some pranks to pull on
some little kids. Search no farther because here are some pranks that will make a hit! (I will add more later)

Halloween Pranks:

Prank #1: Super-glue the Candy to the Bowl

Description: The title pretty much says it all, but just in case you don't understand, here's how it works-

Materials: A bowl, Candy, and a bottle of super-glue


1. Take a bowl (preferably plastic) and take out your bag of candy.
2. Grab your super-glue and untwist the cap.
3. Get a piece of candy and use the super-glue on it.
4. Place the super-glued candy in the bowl
5. Repeat until it looks like there is (non-stuck) candy in the bowl!
6. Leave the bowl outside and watch those trick-or-treaters go crazy!

7. Super-glue candy bowl onto table.

Prank #2: My costume... A trash bag?!?

Description: Trash isn't alive... Or is it???

Materials: Trash bags, stuff to put in trash bags


1. Get some trash bags and fill them with stuff. (I wouldn't advise real trash as it will smell bad)
2. Put them in a pile, preferably near a sidewalk where trick-or-treaters are walking by.
3. Get a separate trash bag, make a hole for your face, and "dress" yourself up. This will be your costume.
4. Go face down into the other trash bags.
5. You now look like a normal trash bag.

I think you know what to do now. (Scare those little kids!)

Prank #3: Pumpkin face

Description: A pumpkin... A face of a pumpkin...

Materials: A ski-mask, a carved pumpkin, and your costume (you might want to grab a scythe for this one)


1. Get a pumpkin and carve it. Make sure to cut out the bottom so you can stick your head into it.
2. Put the ski-mask on.
3. Put the pumpkin over your head.
4. Make sure you can breathe easily. This will be your mask.
5. Get your costume on (if you have one) and scare little kids.

Have fun!
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  Iceburg — Page created: 2 October 2007
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lilblueangel says:   2 October 2007   954356  
haha. creative! 
Iceburg says:   3 October 2007   961699  
Misao says:   5 October 2007   525243  
lol have to try some of them xD
Iceburg says :   6 October 2007   231293  
You should! =]

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