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♥For Those Who Are Bored!♥

All of the following quizzes were made by me. They include beautiful ANIME pictures I found while surfing the net. Take them if you're bored!... and please rate.

Quizilla | Join | Make A Quiz | More Quizzes | Grab Code Here are some of the results of what I consider to be my best quizzes (as a preview)...
What Does Your Inner Dark Anime Girl Look Like? (Awesome Anime pictures, 9 Results)

This is what you look like!Your dark inner anime is gothic! Youre beautiful and respected, yet sometimes you feel all alone. You are determined to find somewhere or someone to make you happier. And until you do, youll remain forever a gothic girl! Muhahaha! J / k.Your symbol is a pigeon.Rate or message if you like!
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What Does The Anime Angel In You Look Like? (Gorgeous Pix, Original, For Girlz)

You are the angel of the water! You are outgoing, hyper, and very charming. You are in a great and very flirtatious mood at most times, but you can still be very dangerous and deadly. You are fun to hang around and is a great person to be friends with!Your angel like names:Meredith - Welsh - guardian from the seaSkye - Arabic - water giver
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What would UR Anime Self Look Like? (With yet, even BETTER & new anime pix!)

... "I dont wanna spend my life jaded. Waiting. To wake up one day and find. That I've let all these years go by. Wasted." - Carrie Underwood, Wasted ...You are a graceful dancer (or singer, artist, whatever you prefer) in the anime world! Your personality is great and you are known to be positive, kind, and described as not only beautiful inside, but also outside. You are charming, sweet, and very sensitive. The only thing that you might say you are lacking, or need more of is courage, but dont worry, everyone could use more guts. Lol. Your lucky color is silver, because it has a charm that goes with it and is the color of sereneness. Your symbol is a butterfly, obviously, because you long deep inside to be free. Please just rate. I really want this quiz to be on the highest rated, or even the most popular list! Then be sure to check out my other quizzes, because theyre really great, if you liked this one!
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What type of Person are You? (Gorgeous ANIME pics, highly original questions & results! )

You are a very relaxed and care-free person. You sometimes feel like rushing is for workaholics, or people who simply wont enjoy life. You probably have trouble getting a guy because you want to remain a free individual. You seem to have no problem expressing yourself. The only thing you may have problems with is for people to accept your when you express yourself. Your flowers are the violets, because they symbolize those who are willing to take a chance.
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*Note: ♥ Most of the Quizzes are... um... for GIRLS only, because I found mostly GIRL anime pictures. ♥ The quizzes are mainly PG, so don't worry. ♥ The Harry Potter-related quizzes do not have anime pics. or any pics. ♥ Someone has already pointed out to me that it was not possible for someone to have a black aura unless they're dead (but having a black aura is a result to one of my quizzes... oh well... too late now.). ♥ And please comment if you took a quiz.
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tokyo_girl13 says:   22 June 2007   845237  
did you make the Quiz????
tokyo_girl13 says:   22 June 2007   216845  
there realy good i liked them a lot even though some of the things made me want to
cry like the punch on my dress
I_wonder_Y says:   22 June 2007   941336  
yes, i made the quizzes. my username is nc11 on
I_wonder_Y says:   22 June 2007   134333  
thanks for commenting!
NarutoFan_101 says:   27 July 2007   294247  
wow kool page
I_wonder_Y says :   27 July 2007   544138  

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