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 Before communicating with me, I would appreciate it if you read my profile. Thank You.
I am aware some people do not share the same views as me. I shall
make a profile stating them regardless. Feel free to share your
opinion with me.

"Wouldn't it be more of an act of rebellion if you didn't spend so
much time buying blue hair dye and going out to get punky clothes? It
seems so petty. Stop me if I'm being offensive. You want to be an
individual, right? You look like you're wearing a uniform. You look
like a punk. That's not rebellion. That's fashion."

I donít fully understand why I feel such a strong dislike toward
emo/scene people. Maybe itís because their fashion/beliefs donít make
sense to me? Why do you feel the need to dress ridiculously and brag
about cutting your self? Do you think it looks cute? Iím sorry but
whenever I see an ďemo/sceneĒ I want to give them a comb, to brush
that nest they call hair. Smudging mascara/eye liner doesnít make you
look good, it makes you look disgusting.Why must you always put on
your profile stupid things such as ďIím emoĒ or images of bloody wrist
(not saying all emos do or cut themseves). Honestly, itís ridiculous.
Thatís not even the worst part. Posers, something I shall never fully
In the end really so many teens claim to be "scene/emo". Funny they
can't even explain what it is.I guess I dislike "emo/scene" so much
because it seems fictional.When I talk to people about being emo they
tell me emo is emotional which i am aware of. They tell me they have
been through tragedies and are emo because of it.  Which in my opinion
makes no sense since most people have been through a tragedy, we'd be
living in a world full of emos, if that were true. People tell me emo
people are scarred, wear dark clothes, and heavy make-up.That is what
makes them an emo. That is not true alot of of people do that who
aren't considered emos.I think the only thing that makes an emo an emo
is THEM choosing to accept that label. Why they do it, is beyond me.

So i have asked some people on kupika to define emo for me, and these
are their answers.
I will not show their names because I am sure they would want to
remain anonymous(their answers are their exact words).

1)"My definition of emo people is people that have problems and cut
themselves becuse they have no one else to turn to exept the knife
2)"Emo: A different perspective on life, still human, just stronger
opinions"- Anonymous
3) "They are peolpe that cut their self and i think they are soo weird
and stupid"-Anonymous

Some articles I thought I would share



Q&A Section   
Prismatic 19 Aug 08  
I'm not sarcastic

God forbid I have an opinon without being sarcastic.
I_Hate_Emo_Scene_People 19 Aug 08  
Ha, okay then, thanks =]
Prismatic 19 Aug 08  
You have an amazing view.
I love it.
I_Hate_Emo_Scene_People 19 Aug 08  
Thanks, though I have a feeling you're being sarcastic.
DeadAreThoseWhoTry 24 Jul 08  
well yeah, of course.
I_Hate_Emo_Scene_People 24 Jul 08  
Fantastic. =]
‹Beth;ICan;Make;You;Believe;In;Love&&;Sex&&;Magic› 24 Jul 08  
about cutting your self?<<< thats quoted
I_Hate_Emo_Scene_People 24 Jul 08  
I have no idea what you're talking about. If I pretend to undersatnd, will you
quit bothering me?
DeadAreThoseWhoTry 24 Jul 08  
behold this holy profile.
you are truly a king.
i'm not being sarcastic either.
I_Hate_Emo_Scene_People 24 Jul 08  
Ha, thanks.
Can i be queen, instead?
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