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Art Commissions=hardcore

Important Note! I do not visit this site that much. If you need to get in contact with me, contact me at or IM me at KageShard (AIM).
Åŗţ Ŵħʘŗę Ξ ĦąŗđĊʘŗę All the kids are doing it. It's a fad; it must be a good idea.
Yes~ I will do art for KP Because I feel like posting on a living oekaki. And although I like's oekakies, they are like. Dead. Seriously. And Subeta's oekaki is like "LOLno." Chyah. So let's get down to it. I will do commissions for the following websites: Kupika (here): I'll do your little mini-avatar or an original character, if you describe the chara well. I'll do your avatar, your dream avatar, your friend's avatar, or your original, well-described character. I'll do your HA (human avatar) or your pet's human form. I will NOT currently do pets or anthro or anything animalistic. The prices range depending on how easy it is to earn that website's currency. Apparently it's quite hard for me to earn KP here because I only have 2kp. Lamelamelame. Fucking lame~ Commission Prices I charge depending on the complexity of what I'm drawing, by the way. :3 So your price may vary. -Kupika: The minimum is 4 KP. That's the 3kp submission charge, and 1kp profit for me. I will do your avatar, or more. The cost is 1kp for the first avatar/character, and 2kp per extra character in the piece. (Say you wanted you and your best friend's avatar. That would be 3kp submission charge, 1kp for your avatar, and 2kp for your friends; the total would then be 6kp overall) Commission must be paid beforehand. Meaning that after you send the note and after I reply back with whether I'll do it or not, you will send me the kp and then I will work on the art. This is because I A: don't trust people, and B: don't have the KP to do it otherwise. -Gaiaonline: The minimum is 1k for headshots, 1.5k for bust shots, 2k for waist shots, and 3k for full-bodies. Add 3k for a flat coloring because I hate coloring, and there is no shaded coloring because I suck at coloring. PM Jhueko for more details or contact me through IM/e-mail. (You will send the trade with the payment; I will accept-NOT FINALIZE-the trade, do the art, then send you the SAMPLE. Then you finalize the trade, I finalize the trade, and send you the unsampled version.) Minimum price is 200k (seem like a lot? Subeta's EASY to earn sp in!). 200k for head or bust shots, 300k for waist shots, 500k for full bodies. Add 200k more for flat coloring, no shaded coloring is offered. Price may vary depending on complexity. I will also do art for wishlist items here. 8D Especially uncharted land map pieces that I don't have, as well as gold account medals. xD I take bribes~ (You commission me to do the art, I draw it, send you a sample. You send payment and I send an unsampled version your way.) My account on Subeta is Jhueko Soyeah~ COMMISSION ME 8D -/shot- Willing to take bribes~ Make sure that if you contact me here, you do it through a letter/message. I probably won't be checking the user posts here. 8D Unless I'm bored. x]
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