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Advice Corner!

Do you need someone to confide in? Ask about anything I can help with! If you need a helping hand or have nothing to do, if you want to buy a cat or need a cool profile, I can help you! If it concerns you to see your name here, do not worry! Just send me a message and I will make it anonymous, but it will show up here. Just comment and I'll give you my advice straight away! You won't be disappointed, and you'll be able to live your life with one less worry. Just give me a message or comment and I can free your mind. Hyperpixie! -------------- Dear Hyperpixie, I was listening to sad songs yesterday and I started crying because I missed my grandfather and brother. Some girls were being mean and said I was being too over-dramatic, and that he was gone and I should get over it. We ended up in a big fight, ad I really don't like fighting with people I don't know. What do I do? Wounded Dear Wounded, Firstly, take no notice, they're just pushing your buttons. Secondly, don't fight back - that will encourage them. And thirdly, tell a trusted adult, like a teacher or parent. If they stop bullying you before you tell, they will move on to someone else. And one last thing - if you exaggerate anything, it will throw everything else into doubt. Hope this clears up soon, listen to some happier music to take your mind off it for the moment. Hyperpixie -------------- Hyperpixie, I'm having trouble getting over the Fact that my grandfather is dead and my brother is in the Navy. Also He got married and his ex-wife left him with all of his things. I have gotten over most of it but i cant the last few pieces go. Can you please help with that? -Spike Dear Spike, Does your brother write you letters? Then you can at least talk to him. The navy isn't a death sentence, a lot of people come out and live the rest of their lives in peace. And I'm sure his ex-wife probably feels upset can talk to her. If she doesn't like you or vice versa, then ask her to see a few of your brother's items, to remind you of him. Everyone in the services think about their families, so he should be thinking about you. I can't do anything about your grandfather, but why don't you go to his grave (or if he doesn't have one, his ashes or his favourite place) and spill out your worries to him. Tell him about your life, the family, and current events. Clean up his resting place and maybe bring flowers. Maybe that will put your mind at rest. Hyperpixie Hyperpixie, Josh's ex-wife took all of his money, cats and truck so I want to kill her. But I do talk to him regularly. He has been gone for 4 years. I have seen him time and time again. It's hard for me to actually let him go like that. I know about the service. That's where my parents meet. Its just hard to think about what will happen when he is under the water. I know there is nothing you can do about my grandfather. His grave is in Mississippi. I wish to visit it but it's hard when I live in Florida. There are things that I tell when no one is around. He has been gone for 4 years and he was close to me but I still feel like he is still her but I know he is not -Spike Dear Spike, I'm sure his ex had a reason for her actions, mostly everyone does. It probably wasn't because she doesn't like you or because she's just greedy. But, meeting up with Josh will get easier each time, I promise. But really, try not to worry about him being underwater. I know that's a hard thing to ask, but worrying won't help. The predicament with your grandfather would be upsetting, maybe you could find a picture of him instead. I hope things clear up. Hyperpixie Hyperpixie, The picture does help. I can talk to him just fine. Its her that I have a problem with to. This really help. Thanks -Spike Spike, I'm glad this helps you, that means a lot! If your ex-sister-in-law is winding you up, why don't you write her a polite letter about it? Say her good points, but make sure she knows that she's hurting your feelings. She might not even realise it. Hyperpixie
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cutie779 says:   4 August 2009   327523  
nice thought!
y don't ya start a club on it?
Hyperpixie says :   4 August 2009   127962  
because I don't wanna waste my kp.

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