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Oh, you need Editing skillz?

Picture editing gone awry? PicNik can't do what you want? Raping the fuck out of soft focus to remove acne? SAY NO MORE. I will edit your pictures for you for free That's right, free. Because I can't deal with any more soft focus, I like editing pictures, and it helps me improve my skills. Examples: Beauty: Gore Etc Packages The Beauty Package This will be a full coverage makeyoulooklikeamodel set. Will remove any skin blemishes, brighten eyes, touch up make up, etc. You can request certain things fixed, but I will most likely be riding by what I think. Will also include: fixing of brightness/contrast levels, and colour filters The Gore Package This will turn your photo into something out of a horror movie. Message me about this one, because discussing will be necessary. The Etc Package This will cover everything the others didn't. This can range from changing of eye and hair colour, to adding things (ex. Wings), adding text, etc. You ask me, and I'll see what I can do. All of these packages can be combined with others. All camera qualities are accepted, but please note that the lower the quality, the less is easily changed. Comment or message me with requests or questions.
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  HoldStill — Page created: 15 June 2011
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‹Scarlet_Scandal› says:   15 June 2011   430824  
May I have the etc package?
HoldStill says:   15 June 2011   832205  
On what picture? 
‹Scarlet_Scandal› says:   15 June 2011   434825  
My current Facebook profile picture.
HoldStill says:   15 June 2011   696162  
What do you want done? 
‹Scarlet_Scandal› says:   15 June 2011   975544  
I would love for you to change my eye color to red, and my hair color to black or
purple... thank you, Ashley.   
MWoodall13 says:   16 June 2011   917598  
Can you do a beauty for me?
HoldStill says:   16 June 2011   937766  
Message me the picture 
‹Deb.smells.Bad› says:   11 July 2011   129755  
Do you think you can edit a pic for me?
‹Deb.smells.Bad› says:   11 July 2011   845420  
The beauty package 
HoldStill says:   11 July 2011   283795  
What picture? 
‹Deb.smells.Bad› says:   11 July 2011   436267  
it's on my picstream how do i sent it to you?@HoldStill 
HoldStill says:   11 July 2011   810318  
Either post a link or something here, or you can attach it in a message. 
‹Deb.smells.Bad› says:   12 July 2011   663554  
HoldStill says:   12 July 2011   178637  
The link didn't work. 
‹Deb.smells.Bad› says:   13 July 2011   192661  
HoldStill says:   13 July 2011   493467  
‹Deb.smells.Bad› says:   15 July 2011   527508  
yay  thanks
‹MilshakeMonstarr ★› says:   3 August 2011   189421  
Can i have the beauty package?
‹MilshakeMonstarr ★› says:   3 August 2011   920929  
HoldStill says:   3 August 2011   451405  
I'll get on that as soon as I finish my small animation project. Might be late
tomorrow or Friday. 
‹MilshakeMonstarr ★› says:   4 August 2011   117477  
Ok thankyou..... tomorrow is friday  
HoldStill says:   6 August 2011   685898  
‹MilshakeMonstarr ★› says:   6 August 2011   865926  
Woah thanx c: 
HoldStill says:   6 August 2011   704767  
Not a problem! Hope you like it. 
‹MilshakeMonstarr ★› says:   6 August 2011   267295  
Can i use the same pic to do the ect pack?? I would like rainbow eyes and hair and
white angel wings
‹MilshakeMonstarr ★› says:   6 August 2011   462319  
R u there? Ur online but ur not answering...

Oh and rainbow hair...

Rainbow eyes and hair sounds like i dont have hair lol 
‹MilshakeMonstarr ★› says :   6 August 2011   954336  
Oops i accidently wrote that to myself....
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