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If You Like Sims 2, you'll enjoy this page

To all you Sims 2 fans, enjoy! My favorite Cheats: (to access cheat code bar, Ctrl-Shift C, but you knew that, right?) motherlode Pros- gets you 50,000 simoleans Cons- Only works in a lot familyFunds last name amount of simoleans Pros- gets you as much simoleans as you want and works in neighborhood Cons- only works up to 9,999,999 boolProp testingCheatsEnabled true Pros- my favorite cheat, does about everything Cons- the game can sometimes be a bit glitchy stretchSkeleton < or = 1.0 Pros- can adjust the height of a sim (I think it only works for Adults and possibly Elders) Cons- The face and arms stay the same size (how it works: Adult-1.0, Teen-0.9, Child-0.7, Toddler-either 0.6 or 0.5, I can't remember) Best Websites for custom content this website is the official website Pros-easy to download Cons- No objects exept for Maxis ones and have to register you game on an account Pros-lots of fantasic clothes, hair and accessories Cons-somewhat complicated download, just read the instructions on the site Questions? More cheats? Just want to say something? Please comment!
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  HolaLola — Page created: 26 September 2007
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lil_Miss_Emo says:   26 September 2007   639621  
yay! CHEATSS!! ur awsome.. ^^
‹DasAtem› says:   26 September 2007   428676  
i just bought the sims2 seasons :D

it's aweshuum :D

HolaLola says :   28 September 2007   264347  
ty, ty u very much!

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