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Who is your Naruto boyfriend?(girls only)
you got sasuke
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What do the Naruto Characters Think of You? (Girls only please)

So you're the creative one of the bunch, huh?Naruto: She's cute. Doesn't talk a lot though.Sasuke: She's strong...Sakura: I think Sasuke-kun likes her TToTTChouji: She's cool *munch munch* She's a really good cook!Shikamaru: She's not as troublesome as Ino over thereIno: Hey! *too busy trying to beat up Shikamaru to say anything about you*Shino: I think I may like her...Kiba: I don't like her. She called Akamaru a stupid mutt >.> I don't see why Shino likes her so muchHinata: She's niceGaara: ...Kankurou: She's pretty cute. I think I may ask her out *gets glare from Gaara*Temari: She's one of my best friendsTenten: Who?Lee: Cute but not as cute as my beautiful Sakura-chan!Neji: *standing very far away from Lee* Oh, her? She's okKakashi: Great studentAsuma: Wish she was my studentKurenai: She doesn't talk a lot but she's a great kuniochiGai: She's so wasteful of her youth *shakes head*Jiraiya: Uh..who?Tsunade: Only Genin to pass Chuunin exams apart from Shikamaru.Orochimaru: Who?Your mother died on a ninja mission and it's just you and dad. He always reminds you of how much you look like your mother and how much alike you both are in general. You keep a self portrait she made of herself before she died in your bedroom. The painting is something you contantly compete with with your own art. Every time you draw something, you compare it to the painting in hopes you've gotten as good as your mother. You always wanted to be a ninja because you wanted an exciting job. Something that is unpredictable at times. Your goal rank is Jounin, but you wouldn't mind getting an even higher rank . In school, you were always quiet because you were consentrating on becoming a genin so much. You made a few friends here and there and was a great friend to each of them. As for crushes, you never really paid that much attention to that kind of stuff. But (even though you didn't notice it) a lot of guys had their eye on you. So you've got a wide choosing range
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Which Naruto character are you?
You are:Naruto
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Which Bleach Character Are You?

You are Ichigo, seemingly carefree with an eye for T-Shirts that best display your mood.
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What do Naruto characters think of you? Girls only
<font SIZE=" 1">
They think...Naruto: She's a cool friend and Id invite her to eat ramen with me, though she can scare me at times.Sakura: I dont like her; she's stealing Sasuke-kun away from me! I dont understand why he likes her so much. Ill kill her if she touches him again, even though I know Id loose in a fight against her.Sasuke: She's a good friend, and she's a lot quieter than Sakura-chan and Naruto-baka. Maybe if I get to know her more we can be more than friends.Kakashi: She is a strong and powerful student; she thinks like a strategist and takes steps carefully. Shes on the right track to becoming a great ninja. Ino: She needs to seriously stop talking to Sasuke-kun or else! He's mine! And besides Im way more beautiful than her! How dose she even get his attention???Shikamaru: We have a lot in common, and she's very attractive, but its such a drag that other guys are after her.Choji: *to busy eating to answer* Huh? Oh her? She's cool!Shino: Shes nice and doesnt criticize me for having bugs that live in my body. She also is not squeamish around my bugs, and they seem to like her as well.Hinata: Shes my best friend and tries to get me and Naruto together all the time. She's not shy like me. She's such a great friend.Kiba: She has a very attractive body, and personality. She plays with Akamaru a lot and she has a nice scent.Akamaru: Bark barr bark bar! [I like playing with her!]Neji: She is a formidable opponent, and fast. She is easy to get along with. Some day I wish to defeat her in a sparing match.Tenten: Shes gotten Neji-kuns attention and hes recognized her as an opponent. Maybe I can learn something from her as well.Rock Lee: She is full of energy and loves a good sparing match. She is lovelier than Sakura-chan, and a lot of boys seem to adore her but I wont give up.Might Gai: She is full of life and takes life to the fullest. She is strong and able to stand up to Neji and Lee. I believe that she will be a great kunoichi.Temari: At first I didnt know what to think of her but after a while of talking Ive come to the conclusion that she's a honest friend and one of those real people.Kankurou: She's hot and I wonder if shell like my puppet? I wonder when Ill b able to talk to her when all of those fan boys arent around.Gaara: Shes nice and hasn't judged me like others have. She is my friend now and she is very helpful. I respect her.Leader of Akatsuki: She would make a fine addition to the Akatsuki when she becomes older.Itachi: She is someone I would rather be around than some of the other Akatsuki members. She dose not rush into battles like some I know.Kisame: I would like to tear her up with my Shark Skin, her charka is desirable. Deidara: I would like to get closer to her, yeah. She is an art piece that I wouldnt mind having last forever, yeah.Tobi: I wonder what shed think of my mask.Zetsu: I will saver her taste when I devour her dead body.Orochimaru: Maybe she can be more useful to me than Sasuke-kun. *evil smirk*Kabuto: I would like to play medic-nin with her, if Orochimaru-sama doesnt kill me. [Yes he's perved too]Well, youve caught all of the guys attention, and all those fan boys must keep you in shape, yeah?</font>
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