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My story still in the making process


Hi, I am Hikati Shanga. I know I may seem like your average middle schooler, but for 10,000 years, my family has had a
powerful wind/air demon, Adi, sealed in us. It is only girls, but the child with Adi, is brn after about 1 year after
being fertilized. Only my family knows of Adi, at least thats what I thought.

Chapter 1: Unsuspected visit

Well, here I was, on a Thursday at school during math class. I'm kind of a wiz kid but am popular in my own group. 
"Miss Shanga?"asked my math teacher.
"yes?"I responded.
"Solve this problem. 5 times 3-3 divided by 2 times 6- the square root of 36=" e said.
"yes... 30"I answered quickly.
"correct."my math teacher said again.
At that moment the bell rang and school was over. As I was getting my days homework and other things from my locker, the
coolest thing happened.
"hey Hikati!"Haji called.
"OMG!!Haji, the Haji is actually talking to me!" i thought amazed.
"oh, H-haji. hi. Do you need anything?" I asked.
"Oh, um yeah, I wa wondering, if you had any plans his weekend?" Haij asked shyly.
"um, nothing. why?" i asked back.
"I was hoping, well, wondering if you wanted to go on a walk in the park? On Saturday?"he studdered.
I couldn't believe it! Haji was asking me out!!!!!
"Of course I would. what time?" I asked.
"7:00 pm? Does that sound good?" he suggested.
"It sounds perfect. 7:00 pm it is!See you there or maybe we will bump into eachother again. Talk to you later!" I said.
Haji walked away
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  Hikati — Page created: 23 September 2007  |  Last modified: 12 October 2007
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‹<_JuRrDuUhHn_>› wonders:   23 September 2007   225676  
putting your story on kupika now? dang hikati!
Hikati says:   23 September 2007   725399  
yes i am got a prioblem with that!!!!????
darkninashi says:   26 September 2007   963787  
lol an ugly guy asked you out!!!
Hikati says:   26 September 2007   852377  
HAJI IS NOT UGLY!!!!! i will kill u at school!
‹<_JuRrDuUhHn_>› says:   30 September 2007   494279  
no i don't have a problem. oh have you worked on new chapters of your story yet?
Hikati says:   30 September 2007   345251  
not yet. i kind of  stopped
darkninashi says:   5 October 2007   827762  
you never killed me!!! HAHAHA!!!!!!
Hikati says :   5 October 2007   831556  
i will soon
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