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PROLOG A very long time ago, a powerful air/wind demon, Adi, was sealed into the Shanga clan. Now 1,000 years later, Elizebeth was born with Adi in her. No one else knew about the Shanga's seal now, at least, thats what I thought. Chapter 1 "Hey, wait up Alisha!!!" I yelled. "You're too slow Elizebeth!!" Alisha stated. Alisha was my best friend. We had been together forever. We were inseperatable. "Hey Elizebeth, look, its Joey!"Alisha quickly said. "Where!?" I asked. I however was already brushing my hair and making myself look all pretty. Joey Starchevich, he is my all time. hottest crush. I had never seen someone so hot in my life! "Hey Elizebeth. Whats up?" Joey asked. "Hey Joey, not much. What are you doing here in Washington?"I asked. I used to live here, in Washington. The, I moved to Indiana and now we had moved back to Washington. I had meet Joey in Indiana. "My family decided to move out here." Joey said. I know what you must be thinking, how does Alisha know what Joey looked like? I was luckey enough last year to get a picture of him and I showed Alisha that picture. "Whos your friend?" asked Joey. "Oh! sorry Joey. This is Alisha. Alisha, Joey." I introduced them. "Well, nice meeting you Alisha. I'll see you later Elizebeth!" Joey started his way. Chapter 2 "So, whats up?" Alisha asked. "You know!" I replied. "Know what?" Alisha mocked. "Must I say it? I've liked Joey ever since 5th grade!" I yelled. However, Joey was too far away to hear anything I was saying. We walked to my house together. Alisha already knew about Adi, she had a demon too. Her demon's element is earth and her name is Kina. I got home, and Alisha and I went down to the basement.
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‹Carmen Dee loves CookieMuffinz› says:   1 June 2008   591735  
did you get hte name alisha from MY middle name?
Ifn ya did, ya spelled my middle name wrong....
Hikati says:   1 June 2008   782955  
yes, oh well. *joking voice* at least its original
MeepingMeep says:   2 June 2008   832715  
‹Mentality› says:   2 June 2008   237949  
Hikati says:   2 June 2008   314773  
don't highlight it then u will be fine. u know lauren, watever. some people have
different prefrences okay and would like them to be kept to themselves
‹Carmen Dee loves CookieMuffinz› says:   4 June 2008   886775  
It looks funny when I highlight it...
Hikati says:   5 June 2008   385751  
yeah i know
MeepingMeep says:   6 June 2008   398315  
I kow I know, Tis funny to see you get so angry tho, sorry. Ya I don't take things
that personnaly. So see, if you said he looks like a butt, I'd say A very fine butt
at that. Thne continue to eat.
‹Mentality› says:   6 June 2008   788661  
The blinking text is what makes it so I can't read. Everything else is fine.
Hikati says:   6 June 2008   739121  
thats odd. wat do u mean 'blinking' text?
‹SqueeneyTodd› says:   24 July 2008   112643  
I eyes felt weird after reading that.
Hikati says :   24 July 2008   649788  
haha! ha
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