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2000 years ago, two sisters were in grave danger.  The sister's names were Julia and Rose.  They were each 11 years old.
 They were being huinted by their two different worlds.

Start(the beginging)

Julia:Come on Rose! I want to play!
Rose:Do i have to?
Julia:no, but it would be fun
Rose:then i'l pass
Julia then ran away. Rose didn't even feel sorry for making her sister cry like that.  Both of them still didn't know it
at the time, but they were going to have to cooperate together in order to survive.

world 1: we must find Julia. She is the key to deafeting Hlba, our oposite world. U!
person:yes sir?
world 1: go find Julia and bring her here!
person:right away sir!
The person disappeared and showed up on earth among us. As this person was snooping around, he finally found wat he was
looking for. Julia. The person walked straight ahead. As he was walking he was planning to bump into her first. Then his
plan worked. he bumped into Julia.

Person:Oh! I am so sorry! Here let me give u a hand.
Julia:thanks. I am Julia. u r?
person:I am Harold.
Julia:Nice to meet u Harold.
Harold:Nice to meet you too.
Tehn, they started walking together.

World 2(IHelba): we must find Rose! she is our only hope into defeating Pure Light (wirkd 1) U!
Helba:go find her! bring her here by force if neccesary.
person:yes si

Rose:Julia is such a baby!
the person showed up right in front of Rose and took her by surprise.
Rose:Ahh!Who are u!?
person:I am John. I am here to take u to my master.
Then, against Rose's wishes, John picked her up and disappeared. They arrived in Helba.

Rose:Let me go!
Helba:calm down. We do not wish to hurt you. we need u.
Rose:why?Wat for!?
Helba:your power is darkness. You are our only hope in destroying Pure Light.
Rose:Pure Light?
Helba: Pure Light is the world opposite of this one. Light. We are in a ragging war and u are our only hope to stop
them. They want to destroy us.
Rose:okay i'm following
Helba:Will you fight with us!?
Rose didn't know it at the time, but Helba wasn't telling her something. Something very important.

Harold:I see. so your sister rose did that. yes sisters can be a bother. Not to hurt your day anymore but i need you to
come with me please.
Julia:where to?
harold:you will see when you get there. Will you come?
Julia:okay what harm can it bring?
Harold grabbed Julia around the waist and they were gone. They ended up in Pure Light.
Julia:where are we?
Pure Light:you are in Pure light. The world opposite of Helba. You are the key to our victory. Helba ants to kill us.
Please help us and fight with us!?
Julia:okay!wat else though?
Pure Light:oh, right you have powers.
Pure Light:Yes, powers. You have to power of light. Now go get ready.
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