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I was bored x] Survey By Chari :] I hacked Hannie :D I'll put it on my account later :/

1) Favorite color?
Glitter :]

2) Favorite animal?
OOH OHH Platapus!

3) Favorite food?
Korean =]

4) Favorite hobbie?
Cheerleading,Talking,Shopping,going to the beach with Sannie and Nickk :]

5) Favorite drink?
VODKA. No, Kidding. Uh, Milk?

6) The last time you were happy?
Last night

7) What made you happy?

8/ The last time you were sad?

9) What made you sad?
I think someone might be cheating on me >.>

10) The last time you were angry?
I don't know, Last night.

11) At whom?

12) Are you hungry?
No. Ew.Food.Sounds.Gross.

13) Who was the last person you called?
Mah daddy :D PIMPIN

14) Who was the last person you drempt of?

15) Have you ever trusted someone who let you down?
Yes -looks down-

16) When was the last time you played with your pet?
Yesterday. Cute kitty =D <3

17) What are you thinking about right now?
My kitty xD

1 Who do you wish you could be with?
Nickk or Randy

19) What is your dream in life?
I don't know.

20) Sometimes you...
Sing REALLY loud on FT :3

21) Sometimes you wish you could...
Sleep :]

22) Do you know who Walt Disney is?

23) Are you a ninja?! 
NAO, The GangsTas BEAT UP the NinJas ^-^

24) How many languages can you say "cat" in?

25) Do you ever wish you had a tail like a feline?
?? No?

26) Do you have something better to be doing?
Sadly, No -laugh-

27) What nickname do you wish your bf/gf would call you?
Hmmmmm I like Chair :]

40) Do you think this survey is too long?
No, I'm bored :]

41) How often do you call your bf/gf?
Never :l

42) What's the nicest thing you've ever been told?
You're the most beautiful thing i've ever layed  eyes on

43) What's your favorite color?

44) Did you realize that I already asked that?
-thinks about it and smacks head- God I'm an idiot, No xD

45) Who is on your mind right now?

46) What physical trait attracts you most?
Eyes and Hairr

47) Do you believe in true love?

48/what do you wish your bf/gf would say to you?

49) True/False; are you awesome?
True -high self esteem-

50) Are you tired of answering questions?
No, But Im answering them reall boringly so you guys must be bored xD

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