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100 Things

1. Change at least one life 2. Go to the Grand Canyon 3. Go to the New York Zoo 4. Tour Europe 5. Skydive 6. Graduate high school 7. Make honors 8. Learn to play ukulele 9. Go to Tybee Beach again 10. Talk to Mikayla again IRL 11. Help save a life 12. Meet a friend from Kupika 13. Take a trip on a boat 14. Adopt a cat 15. Adopt a dog that isn't stronger than I am 16. Go a whale watch 17. Go to New York 18. Go up the down escalator 19. Visit the Strip in Vegas 20. Cook a souflee 21. make a 3 foot tall snowman 22. Go tubing on the Colorado River 23. Go to (and finish) college 24. Learn to play Guitar 25. Go camping somewhere 26. Take a zipline tour 27. Learn to play guitar well 28. Make someone so happy they cry 29. Spend an entire day walking around doing whatever I feel like 30. Open a bakery 31. Send a message in a bottle and get a response 32. Join the Track team 33. Buy a cowbell 34. Be a chef 35. Finish The View From Saturday 36. AMP show 37. Walk into a gas station at 3 in the morning wearing neon sunglasses and just start dancing in the security camera 38. Catch a snake. 39. Graffiti something, just to say I did. BAM ♥ 40. Tell the people in a restaurant it's my birthday when it isn't. 41. Do the above to as many people as possible. 42. Win an art competition 43. Find a heart-shaped guitar pick 44. Tie enough balloons to myself to actually be lifted off the ground 45. Go in a hot-air balloon 46. MAKE A VIDEO WITH THE COWBELL 47. Write a song 48. Swim to the other end of Lake Michigan and back not up and down. side to side! 49. Get past the "Do Not Cross" tape 50. Go tubing 51. See the northern lights 52. Take a good picture of star trails 53. Go out on a little boat by the pond 54. Watch fireworks from the roof 55. Learn to play Ripple 56. Finish 8th grade 57. Finish drawing Rainy Days album cover 57. Draw the cover of Pixi Stix 58. Draw an ice cream cone 59. Live at the lake for a summer 60. Get a large ice cream 61. Tell everyone I love how amazing they are 62. Learn to play piano 63. Light paper on fire 64. Go on a higher zipline tour 65. Get one of my photos published in a newspaper or something 66. Stop procrastinating 67. Get my driver's license 68. Get a boating license 69. Convince Sam to swim in the lake 70. Get a plaid flannel jacket 71. Solve a Rubik's Cube 72. Dance under a streetlight in the dark. 73. Hug a stranger. 74. Go to a yellow house 75. Find Charlie Mansion 76. Break into Charlie Mansion. 77. stay home alone @ night! 78. Write something for slam 79. Get tied to a wall 80. This. 81. Dance in the rain in my bare feet wearing just shorts and a tank top. 82. Dance in the snow bare foot as descibed above. ^^ 83. Have a relationship where someone doesn't cheat on me. 84. 85. 86. 87. 88. 89. 90. 91. 92. 93. 94. 95. 96. 97. 98. 99. 100. Complete all before death.
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