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For A Special Friend

Talking to you is always a treat. 
                    You're one special friend who can't be beat.
                       Your kindness and love can't be overlooked, 
                             you'll always be number one to me.
                          We've shared many good times, 
                                our whole life through.  
                               And its really a pleasure                      
                                 Having a friend like you.   

                     I love making poems I'll make more if you like. SOON!!! please tell me if you like this or not.
   My best friend told me this, 
                 Friends are like flowers there here then they're gone,
                They bloom, they die, in the morning they seem to yawn
                            My friends are like parents, they talk.
                  They teach you things like gossip and they walk,
                         but when they leave they say their goodbyes, 
                       then leave, then you go home with tears in your eyes,
                          Two years later your friend comes back,
                         Saying I missed you so much with a lack,
                    They give you a flower repeating, Friends are like flowers, 
                               They're here then they're gone, But I came back.
                 did your crush ever notice you. Have you ever thought that you would do anything for
           them. That if you didn't have your crush you would go crazy. Did you ever love
someone (or thought you did) that you would drop your books just so your crush could
oick them up or did you ever flirt with them but they had no idea what you were
doing. Have you ever just felt like going up to your crush and saying "WTF dude
can't you see that i want you cant you see that i need you cant you see their we
belong together so get the fuck over here and kiss me" but then you end up finding
out that he/she is already going out with someone and you end up heart broken.
Would you ever lie to anyone for your crush? 

Would you ever cheat on anything for your crush?
Would you ever sneak out of your house for your crush?
Would you ever steal anything for your crush?
Would you ever let yourself be abused for your crush
Would you ever kill for your crush?
Would you set your future on hold for you crush?  
Do you hesitate when you see him in the halls?
Do you stop what you are doing and freeze up when you spot him?
Do you look  him in the eye when you spot him in the room or near you?

If you answered yes to most of the Q. then your either obsessed being used, or the
most dangerous in love so in that case awwwwwwwww!!!!
But if you ever just strait out told your crush that you like them but they send you
directly to hell just turn around hold back the tears and scream your freakin ass out
and say SCREW YOU!! cause if they send you to hell then there not for you. if they send you to hell then there not for
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_abc_ cries:   13 August 2008   839133  
Ahhhhhhh you love me
GrdnerGrl101 says :   13 August 2008   292174  
Weird do you know me. Or are you just kidding.

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