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24 F United Kingdom
speaks English and French and Japanese
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Hey! It's Squirrel on another account, if ya haven't already guessed.

My name is Jess and I am twelve. I am not going to tell you what I
look like, exactly where I live or give out photos, because that
wouldn't be clever of me. I might tell you I am abnormally
intelligent, but that would be vain, so I shan't and I will tell you
that I am clever. I enjoy writing and reading and drawing. I would
probably say I'm not a typical girl. I'm not into make up, hair or
fashion particularly, though people my age cannot help but to be
influenced by it. I'm more into the interesting things, such as
what's going on in the world, how I can stop it and what there is to
complain about. I would rather like to make an impact and let some of
the sheep out in the world know what is going on, so I shall have a
little rant about media.

Media is very, very, very, very, very evil. Yes, that is a matter of
opinion, but I have many reasons to believe it is evil. To start
with, in a lot of T.V programs, people who are clever are portrayed
as not very popular and not people to be friends with. Also, nearly
all of the time they wear glasses. Glasses do not mean a person is
clever. There are people in my school who wear glasses who are as
thick as a plank of wood. Similarly, ugly characters often wear
glasses and braces. One of my best friends wears braces and glasses
and she is not ugly, or hated, she had many friends and is a nice
 Media shows a girl who is pretty and popular as someone who is
usually blonde, often a cheerleader (in school set films/shows) and
very thin. Blondes are not officially the most popular, but people
can see it that way because of media. I have dark blonde hair,
slightly brown, and I'm not particularly popular. I also would change
 my hair colour to much darker, or red. The cheerleader thing is
rather unfair. For a start, most British schools don't even have
cheerleaders, mine doesn't and I don't want one. I can't stand the
thought of being on show. I WILL NOT display myself. That sounded
odd... never mind. The point is, you don't have to be a cheerleader
to be popular or pretty. You don't have to show yourself off either,
for example, I will refuse point blank to ever wear a bikini, go me!
And the thin thing causes anorexia, not much more to be said there.

Feel free to contact me and agree/disagree with my rant ^^

o.o I've not really said much about me....

I'm a vegetarian and an animal rights person. For all you twits who
have just assumed I am inferior to you, feel free to contact me and
argue, I swear I will win. Almost six years of being put down over my
beliefs has given me plenty of time to think of comebacks.

I'm odd. I create random creatures and may throw banana smoothies at
you. Beware of ladders, moonfrogs, red sheep, purple sheep and Boris
the Bumblebee and his enchanted table-trolley. Enough said.

Generally, over the internet I get on with boys more ... as friends.
Not that I don't like girls, I have some great friends who are girls.
*shrugs* In real life I get on with girls more and annoy boys, but
they are the nasty people who see me as inferior...

Despite my name, squirrels are not my favourite animal. I like
horses, wolves, cats and foxes ^^ Yay foxes!

Okay, the above was my formal profile bit, now we gets the
informalness. And some more ranting...

I hate chatspeak! *throws SatNav at chatspeak*

I am not in a state of depression, I'm just going through a difficult
friendyship time *snifflesob*

I have two inner voices, Ick and Kiri. I looooves Kiri, Ick is rather
annoying actually. But Kiri is fun, his name is fun to say. In a
squealy voice... Kiri! Kiri! Kiri! Probably just my Nottingham accent
o.O So yesh, we do refer to ourselves as we or us or ourselves ect.

Kiri says squee!!

Ick says *mumblemumble*

Mhm, I needed to rant again, so here we go...

I hate it so much, even more than I hate media, when girls or women
are treated like objects, slaves or anything remotely like that. I'm
not saying this just because I'm a girl, or I don't think I am...,
I'm not for anything like that. Treating someone like that is sorta
like racism, kinda. Just little things like "I'm hot" annoy me. Like
anyone should care what you look like! Surely someone would rather be
friends with or go out with someone who got on with them perfectly
wasn't such a great looker, than someone who looked great but you
don't get on with?

Okay, I know, short rant. I'm tired... but if anyone would like to
take the matter up in a letter, I would be more than happy to speak
my mind, as long as I don't end up in tears by the end of it.

I think too much for a twelve year old.

I'm against T.V.

<script type="text/javascript" 

Oh looky! It's Ick! Awww, he looks so cute there!
Ick: o.O

More about me! ^^

I'm a goth. Don't like it? Oh dear, deal with it. I'm generally a
kind person, but I am rather sarcastic and a little anti-social. I'm
all for animal rights and environmental stuff. I'm a vegetarian and I
relish arguing with people. So yeah, feel free to write to me and say
you hate me, I'm sure I will think of a sufficiant reply. I love
being different, I'm totally against girly fashion and, not to be
arrogant, I'm very intelligent. Apparently that's what makes me a
goth, as well as me dressing in black. I don't juddge people on what
they wear or look like, so I would ask you not to do the same to me.
However, if you have a justified reason for it, go ahead. I refuse to
argue with people who don't understand all the words on meh profile,
it'd be like arguing with a three-year-old. I'm good at spelling,
reading and writing. I love English and hope to be a writer. Well,
technically, I already am. ^^ In the process of writing my first
trilogy, it's going brilliantly.


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‹<3+Gumdrop_Queen+<3› 26 Apr 07  
Gothic_Squirrel 26 Apr 07  
XD A Gothic Guardian Squirrel to be precise. How can I be of assistance
xxSilentScream 5 Apr 07  
Awesome profile ^_^ What are your favourite bands?
Gothic_Squirrel 8 Apr 07  
A random assortment of Athlete, Abba and some others that I forget. xD
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