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Goodbye To Shells ;(

Hello to Everyone! I'm really really sorry that I have to cancel the series but this is my apolegy letter to you all.
And by all I mean all the fans of Shells. When I look back on it now I realize how much of a rookie I was at writing...
I have advanced alot now, not that you've had the chance to see it, but I have. Maybe one day i'll decide to remake
Shells, but it's not likely. 

                  I'm so sorry to all of you that waited axiously for the next chapters as they slowly became farther
and farther apart. Really I am . 

                  I also want to say that I started writing Shells in 7th grade, and everything in the story was not
true about my life, my discription of Taylor was pretty acurate with me, but I have changed alot, because I am now in
High school (Freshman ;D) and it's AMAZING!!!!!!

            I'm actually going to start on a new story on here because this is the only website I trust to type it on
since my Microsoft Word now requries A  product key and payment to work >_<!! I don't know if I'll realese it to the
public, or not. But i guess you'll know soon enough.

                    I'm sooooo sorry for the inconvinence. 
            Love, the very sorry, {Taylor} forever (Possibly....)
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  GlitterKelly — Page created: 8 November 2010  |  Last modified: 14 November 2010
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‹RushingStars★› says:   8 November 2010   633636  
I rated this page 10.

I TOTALLY understand your decision, I hope maybe one day you'll be able to post an
updated version of the story. I loved Shells; it was one of the best stories one this
site. Thanks for at least telling us what happened!
GlitterKelly writes:   9 November 2010   367326  
Thank you  i'm so glad you understand! And thank you for reading Shells, I
remember all the wonderful comments, and support I got when I was writing it, it made
me feel great! It actually kept me going. I would always look forward to all the
comments I would get afterwards, which I guess is kinda shallow but I'm trying to be
honest here  Thank You soo much, and if I ever show people my new story, you'll be
one of the first to get it 

‹EcoAßßy› says:   11 November 2010   321260  
I'm happy you're starting another story! After I looked at this page, I went to look
at your Shells Story because everyone said it was amazing. And guess what?! It was
amazing! I read the whole 13 chapters in an hour. Keep on writing, you're good
GlitterKelly says :   11 November 2010   128003  
Thank you :D it's great to know that even though when I look at Shells I can only
see all the mistakes I made, that people still love the story! I'm seriously starting
to consider letting my new story go pulic, although it's not as fast paced and
romantic as Shells, it is sort of SyFish, and it's about a girl who must live her
life with an incredible secret, while having to deal with commen problems as well. A
secret life.... well anyways you can see the Prologe when you send me a message
(because it's that message that people see after they send somone a message) so thank


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