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Singles Of Kupika

Hi! I know many people on this site are single. Some singles want a boyfriend or girlfriend. Right? (I'm single and
looking, actually.) The purpose of this page is to interact with other single users and find a date. 
               Please leave a comment with some quick info like....
-What you're looking for(Boy or girl)
-Your age
-Where you live
-What you want in a date
-What you can offer
*Or anything else you would like to add*                                                                                

Hi! I'm GlamourGirl262, but my real name is Gina.
I am looking for a boyfriend around my age. I am
11. I live in Florida. I would like a boy that's funny,
sweet, and likes me for who I am. I am friendly, 
funny, smart, and pretty. Mail me anytime, boys!

 That was a little much. lol. But, whatever you want to mention about YOU is acceptable. I hope you find this page
Some of you might have had your heart break with a breakup. Here are some tips on how to deal with it.

1. Distraction, distraction, distraction!
That’s right, distract yourself as much as possible. Out of sight, out of mind, inner plight, fill your time! Make
yourself busy so that you can’t focus on your loss. Just make sure you busy yourself with productive activities like
exercise, friend-time and focusing on school or work. 

2. Cry it out as much as needed.
This is no time to put on a brave face. Your heart is broken, you’re wrought with disappointment and loss, it’s
A-O-K to cry a lot. Just make sure that you cry in a private place, no PDAs (Public Displays of Affliction) and if you
can’t handle being alone only cry in the company of someone close to you whom you can trust.

3. Dance!!
Put on your favorite song, something upbeat or even angry in tone, no sappy love songs allowed! Make sure it has a good
beat and a sound that gets you moving. Then get up off your sad butt and dance around. Be silly, be funky, sing along at
the top of your lungs, have fun with it. It sounds crazy, and it will look crazy to other people, but getting your real
heart beating this way will do wonders for your proverbial broken one. 

4. Talk about your feelings with a friend... for a time.
Talking is an excellent way to cleanse your soul and ease your mind. Pick a close and trusted friend and ask them in
advance to listen to you vent whenever needed. Warn them that they may get sick of listening to you say the same things
over and over but that you really need their help. A good friend will be there for you. Then set a mental deadline in
your head, 2-3 weeks is a good one but when coping with the loss of a more serious or long term relationship you may
require a bit more time, and once you’ve reached that deadline cease and desist all talk of the matter. 

5. Visualize your future. Block out the past.
You need to stop living in the past and focus on the future. People who are dealing with a break up tend to play over
past events in their head ad nauseum. This behavior is normal and healthy in the early days of a break up but it can
quickly become a dangerous and defeatist coping strategy. So after the first couple of days have passed you need to
forget the past, good and bad, and look to the future. Think about all the positive ways your life will change; more
time for friends, pursuing old hobbies that had been put aside or taking up new ones, and having more you time are all
good focal points. When you think of your future do not think of anything that has happened as a loss but try to view it
as an opportunity for change. You don’t need to bury your past forever, just for now, and when you can think of the
past and smile you’ll know that you’re well on your way to being healed. 
---------------------THANKS FOR VISITING SINGLES OF KUPIKA!----------------------------------------------
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  GlamourGirl262 — Page created: 24 October 2007
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uMakeMeBetter21 writes:   31 October 2007   728643  
Hey ladies. I'm single. And I am looking for the perfect girl. I am uMakeMeBetter21.
I am in 6th Grade. Umm...I want a girlfriend that's nice, kind, and funny. If you
think you wanna be with me, mail me. If you want to find out any more about me, then
take a look at my profile. Bye!
uMakeMeBetter21 says:   6 November 2007   636153  
This site's cool..I guess. It just needs more people.
GlamourGirl262 says:   7 November 2007   978759  
You're not single any more. And yeah, it does need more people.
killop79 says:   18 December 2007   669171  
hi im tyler kirich im in 5th grade im 11 im single looking for gf
teewa says:   15 March 2013   982212  
Hi, I'm teila. I'm looking for a guy around the age of 12.
I love music and art (specifically anime). I have blonde, shoulder length hair, blue
eyes, and my I will not say where I live. I can offer... me, I guess. I'm looking for
a guy who plays video games (specifically minecraft and pokemon) and who don't care
what movies or music groups I'm into, and somebody who will defend me if I get picked
souleater66 says:   19 March 2013   605445  
Hey, I'm "storm", as my friends call me. I like drawing anime and singing. I have
long-ish blonde hair and blue eyes. I like video games.  I'm looking for a cool guy
who is not horny or gay or a jerk or an ego maniac.
soul_eater_fan says:   19 March 2013   849532  
Hah. My friends call me storm, too. Small world. Want to find out who fits the name
souleater66 says:   19 March 2013   252724  
Sure. Who's page should the contest be on? How about yours?
soul_eater_fan says:   19 March 2013   728581  
I was gonna ask if I could have it on mine anyway. So, it will be called... uh...
I will set up the ?'s and we can both answer them in the comments. We will invite a
bunch of people to come and vote on who deserves it more.
soul_eater_fan says:   19 March 2013   994691  
Actually, nvm.
prettyblonde says :   22 March 2013   284736  
Hey everyone! I'm Skai.I got long, blonde hair and light blue eyes. Everyone in in
school calls me a dumbblonde. Is that good or bad? Oh, yeah, if ur interested in me,
send a message.
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