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Kupika Idol!

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Hey everyone! I'm pretty sure you all know the show American Idol! Well, this is KUPIKA IDOL. Talented singers will
enter a video or audio clip of their amazing singing voice and the judges will pick the 5 best singers. There will be a
total of 4 rounds. Sign up here to be a judge or contestant. Oh yeah, everyone can vote for a contestant as many times
as they want. Good luck everyone!

1. GigisSuper (me!)
2. Ashe13

Please send your video/audio clip to the judges. Need help on how to do this? No prob. Mail me!


                                 GOOD LUCK!
Oh, and if anyone has any ideas for prizes, please let me know!
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  GigisSuper — Page created: 11 June 2008  |  Last modified: 8 July 2008
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katali121 says:   11 June 2008   698649  
I'll enter
katali121 says:   11 June 2008   641127  
not as a judge
Sporty_chick_1 says:   11 June 2008   559364  
can i enter as a singer? oh and do we sing only or do we dance 2? or both let me no
‹Ashe_Amu› says:   11 June 2008   989497  
can i be a judge?i  will be tough and cool!
Southern_Monkey says:   11 June 2008   594267  
Could I be a judge plz. :D
♥ Thanks ♥
‹< Dragon-tamer-1995 >› says:   11 June 2008   728519  
ooooh i will see if my camera works and-oh wait. i have an old file of me singing 2
years ago. will that do?
GigisSuper says:   11 June 2008   266496  
Yeah sure. I'll add you to the list. t
GigisSuper says:   11 June 2008   497885  
All contestants please send your video/audio clip to one of the judges.
‹♥밀크흔들어♥› says:   11 June 2008   511284  
I'll enter, but my video is on Mom kept on moving the camera >.<

<object width="425" height="344"><param name="movie" 

And yes I entered AGT (Americas got talent
wheeSPLUT says:   12 June 2008   264127  
I'll enter. Can I nominate a friend? If so her nickname is xlucieowenx. she has a
link to a video of her singing on her profile.
wheeSPLUT says:   12 June 2008   364956  
actually, i've changed my mind. I dont wanna enter anymore but i think xlucieowenx
‹< Dragon-tamer-1995 >› says:   12 June 2008   612664  
ok i might redo my performance becuz my voice has improved MAJORLY during that time
but ill send you my old one first.
GigisSuper says:   12 June 2008   499775  
ok. that's fine with me!
‹< Dragon-tamer-1995 >› says:   13 June 2008   938246  
ok i won't be able to do it until this weekend. there is no deadline...right?
GigisSuper says:   13 June 2008   774924  
no. No deadline at all!
‹Casey_Be_A_Vampire› says:   14 June 2008   728843  
i need some help with the makeing of the voice thing and um how to put it on. can
you help me?
GigisSuper says:   14 June 2008   628155  
sure. Just mail me with your question.
‹Casey_Be_A_Vampire› says:   14 June 2008   954478  
‹♥Star_Dust♥› says:   14 June 2008   174768  
LunarDawn : your really good!

I would enter but i don't have a camera...
junecan97 says:   8 July 2008   984517  
want to join sing contest
junecan97 says:   8 July 2008   752372  
and i have a camera
GigisSuper says:   8 July 2008   523129  
Ok good. I'll add your name to the contestants list and when you send your vid, I'll
put a star by your name. Good luck!
‹< Dragon-tamer-1995 >› says:   8 July 2008   863649  
I'm SO SORRY i haven;t sent my entry yet DX 
i have to record it with my dad's help and he aint helpin me so be patiant please 
GigisSuper says:   8 July 2008   739865  
That's alright. There's no deadline and no rush!
‹§♥Completely and Totally ME♥§› says:   12 July 2008   696222  
gigi, r u letting pros in?
GigisSuper says:   13 July 2008   773432  
Well, yes but I will be fair to everyone else.
‹♥밀크흔들어♥› says:   15 July 2008   663637  
I don't want to join anymore
GigisSuper says:   15 July 2008   573215  
oh ok
‹§♥Completely and Totally ME♥§› says :   30 August 2008   168592  
r u gonna' update this? and u have the permission to put my vidio on here, i want
EVERYONE to hear me
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