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Kupika Beauty Pageant! Entries now accepted!

Hello, welcome to the Kupikan Beauty Pageant! This is a contest to find the prettiest girl on Kupika. Think you got
what it takes? Send a pic to me, GigisSuper. 

If you decide to enter, send me a picture of yourself. It doesn't matter what the picture is. The deadline is July 20,

Please no...
1. Inappropriate pictures
2. Fake pictures

will be chosen by the members of Kupika on July 21, 2008.

I'm sure that you all are beautiful. When you sign up, you agree that your pic will be published onto this 
page and seen by members of Kupika who will vote. Like I said, everyone here is pretty, inside or out, but we will pick
one winner. Everyone who wants to enter will get in.

First prize winner will receive 10 thumbs up and a plush
Second prize winner will receive 5 thumbs up and a cookie.
Third prize winner will receive 3 thumbs up and a rose.

Everyone that entered will get a red heart.




Free Image Hosting at

QuickPost Kim_Da_Sk8r Free Image Hosting at

QuickPost DrunkenBandit ____________________________________________________________________________________ THANKS And good luck to all!
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  GigisSuper — Page created: 15 July 2008
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KatDoo says:   15 July 2008   565863  
I want to sign up Photobucket
GigisSuper says:   15 July 2008   746133  
Nice. Thanks! 
KatDoo says:   15 July 2008   198246  
Your welcome
KatDoo says:   15 July 2008   998379  
You can only give one person one thumbs up :/
GigisSuper says:   15 July 2008   239857  
I know, but I have other accounts and I'll tell people to. 
Kim_Da_Sk8r says:   15 July 2008   514889  
can i sign up?

GigisSuper says:   15 July 2008   551697  
Good pics! Sure you can sign up. Thanks!
GigisSuper says:   15 July 2008   818888  
Hmm...I can't post the pic! It won't let me. Do you have an image URL or could you
give me the code please?
Drunken_Bandit says:   15 July 2008   739291  
Ill join
‹♥밀크흔들어♥› says:   15 July 2008   718232  

I'll join and LOL!!

My picture is on my Photobucket account (FlowingMelody) LOL
Kim_Da_Sk8r_ says:   16 July 2008   728469  
go to the account  [Kim_Da_Sk8r_] on photobucket
Sukey says:   16 July 2008   455713  
I will
GigisSuper says:   17 July 2008   573844  
Ok thanks! And sorry everyone. I'm new to this. (As you can see!)
AllyBoo says:   20 July 2008   469797  
I will, i'll send you the pic :]
keme11 says :   31 July 2008   287182  
hey gigi
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