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Your Text Here She takes the Blade And Carves her Life away like you did her *heart her *mind and *soul through the lies you told… __________________________________ Cuts For A Life From start to finish I wonder why The cuts look good in this messed up lie The blood that trickles down my arm People all stare at the girl who self-harms:- "The emo" they call me I turn to my name They act out slicing their wrists I hang my head in shame I can't help my feelings Of being alone I hide myself for the day Just longing to go home I sprawl on my bed With my razor in hand And take myself away To a much better land I stare in the mirror And let myself cry Looking forward to the day That I finally die ______________________________________ Crimson Blood And Poison Tears Rain, rain, go away, Because of you the pain will stay. Slit my throat, cut out my heart, Leave me here, tear it apart. Poison tears stream down my face, My heart beats at a steady pace As I try to stand again; Alone and standing in the rain. I don’t need you anymore… Is what I think while tears pour. I hate you like I hate my life; But love is what cuts like a knife. Love is death and death is you; Its pain stains like a black tattoo. Those memories come back again And bind me in the ropes of pain. Crimson blood streams down my head Like a long, silk ribbon, tied by a thread, To a platinum bullet, a hole in my skull… ...Now just a memory that’s faded and dull. __________________________________________________ MY MASK She is happy, I'm sad She has friends, I don't People understand her, No one understands me She feels happiness and love, I feel pain and sadness, She doesn't cry, I cry all the time She will have someone to love, I never will She is pretty in pink, I'm dark and black She is warm inside I'm always cold She doesn't bleed tears, I do everyday Her heart is red, Mine is black she doesn't have emotions, I have emotion Her emotions don't run her life Mine does ___________________________________ INVISIBLE tears in my eyes : my fears alive : dreams where lost : hopes were dry : all alone : breaking of my heart : no longer wanting to be alive : to play my part : my family hadn't a care for me : my friends barley spoke a word to me : I feel left out : not a soul cared that I exist : and was actually there : but as times flew by, memory of me disappears _______________________________________________ burning Sensation This emotion runs deep. Deeper than words can speak. A burning sensation held deep inside her heart. She knew she had to feel it some day from the start. But now that she felt it, she thinks it will never let go. Held deep inside her , you never see it, it will never show. These feelings she held for so long. Trapping her self in the dark forgetting right or wrong. Her heart cries when she thinks of this emotion. Trying to tell this depression yet she starts choking..... She's not joking, words unspoken, STILL............... NO EMOTION............showing ________________________________________ I Fell So Deep although I speak about you so much, although everyone can see it. I would never admit it, admit how I feel. when I first met you, I just thought it was a silly crush. over time it grew on me; you grew on me, I found myself smiling, then I found myself thinking of you. I tried not to cry, but tears still broke through. I always asked myself could it be true? or is this just a one off thing. you made me smile, you made me feel special. I know you don't feel the same, but I want you too. I've never admitted this to no one, not even you. I think I've fallen in love with you. x
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  GRRRRRR_TACO_RAWR_TACO — Page created: 26 September 2009
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‹♥Purple Elephant♥› says :   26 September 2009   312684  
You spelt "poetry" wrong.

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