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100 Things To Do Before I Die (: [not finished]

100 Things to do before I die (: 01. Fall in love 02. Meet at least one person from this site in real life. 03. Buy a Macbook Laptop 04. Win money 05. See Steelheart in concert 06. Meet Axl Rose and Chuck Norris 07. Go to France for a week 08. Sing the National Anthem in front of a crowd 09. Be in a music video 010. Host MTV for a day 011. Own at least 2 ponies 012. Sing with someone really famous 013. Become a site model. 014. Reach at least 1000 profile views 015. Have at least 100 people add me to their friends list 016. Be able to do a back hand spring 017. Move up to 6th Division in Cheer America 018. Dress up as Marilyn Monroe for Halloween 019. TP someone's house. 020. Meet Olivia at the Macomb Mall 8D 021. Be told that I'm beautiful by the guy I really like. 022. Go to Hollywood 023. Donate at least 1000 dollars to a charity. 024. Become a singer 025. Have a relationship with a guy for longer than a year 026. Repair a friendship with (you know who you are). 027. Take a descent picture. 028. Adopt and swim with a dolphin. 029. Dye my hair light brown 030. Get a job 031. Get blue contacts. 032. Learn the full language of French (: 033. Finish this by night time. 034. Be someone's role model. 035. Be loved by someone 036. Move to Las Vegas 037. Save a life 038. Rap in public 039. Don't go to sleep for 3 days. 040. Own an I-Phone 041. Own a Starbucks 042. Become friends with a rival 043. Have more than 100 Kupi-Points 044. Change my name. 045. Listen to Opera music without breaking something. 046. Own a PS3 047. Buy a really cute outfit. 048. Shop at Hollister. 049. Try to find something that is really cute at Aeropostale. 050. Learn German 051. Be called pretty by someone. And for that someone to really mean it. 52. Speak to Olivia on the phone for longer than an hour. 53. Be able to call someone from this site and not be nervous/afraid. 54. Conquer my fear of Spiders and hold one. 55. Eat corn without puking. 56. Be able to walk to CVS without my mom stalking me 57. Visit the Empire State Building 58. Go to Ulta 59. Buy some shoes from Hot Topic 60. Die peacefully
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OutrageousOlivia says:   26 April 2009   564322  
51, you are BEAUTIFUL Bridgie(:
OutrageousOlivia says:   26 April 2009   314924  
Oh, and 48.


GIELetsDance says:   27 April 2009   239789  
‹Alex + Katie = BFFF's› says:   29 April 2009   476789  
Who do you want to repair a friendship with???
GIELetsDance says:   29 April 2009   295453  
brilliantlights says:   31 July 2009   945429  
What's wrong with our friendship?
GIELetsDance says :   3 August 2009   312681  
it was forever ago.
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