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I wrote this and i dont know what it means.. Could anyone Help Me Please?x

Ok there is alot of crap going on and if you want to know feel free to ask me Via: MSG. but for now im really upset
about Family life and My Boyfriend who just today got caught with Drugs.. or trying to get them and its feared we
might'nt get to see each other again </3 so this was what i wrote and i dont know what to make of it..


Please dont let this happen again,
Stop handing me a heart that i feel i must mend,
Situations change..but that depends,
But please dont let this happen again,
How much i Love[d] you, i cant show,
im not even sure if its there anymore,
Why i love[d] you?! i do know why..
and i know im not ready to say Goodbye,
of all the things you have said and done,
this has got to be the worst one.

Since the moment i copped on to how amazing you are,
I've Loved you since then but you've really gone too far,
And you expect me to be fine,
to be there to Help you all of time,
i hope you know this hurts other ppl too,
i hope you see what i can coz i truly do.

What do we have left that we had before?
the pain is still there, its what i cant ignore,
Everyday hurts but we try to move on,
but we're still here..and we'er hangin' on......
will we be better off in the End?
Truly the hardest part, is the mend...

i think i took for Granted just a little bit,
i miss you so much and thats just it,
i miss those lil kisses you gave me,
the soft lil one's you would leave on my cheek,
now, they dont feel like they should anymore,
i dont even recall what half of them were for...

*and thats as far as i got because all of its true and i cant stop crying because i cant fix any of it... it hurt me so
much to write the last verse....</33

somebody please Help me....?.....</3

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  GC4life — Page created: 20 September 2008
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biitchpleasee08 says :   20 September 2008   351544  
awwwwww hannagh darling  im soooo sorry..  i mean idk what to say to that but i
truly feel bad for you . this is a tough one and everything happens for a reason. i
know that wont help much but i dont know what to say. im sorry 

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