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I like Rainbows & I'm a Goth!

Oh, how some people make me laugh :') The narrow-mindedness of the world does amuse me at times I don't know how many times I must have heard someone rant on about "Goths" in the wrong sense Meh whatever, I'll try and educate! For the better. For the truth. 1. Real Goths do not make a big thing over whether he/she is Goth A poseur will go to great lengths to proclaim him/herself Goth at every oppertunity 2. Real Goths listens to a variety of music, including Original Goth A poseur listens to mainstream bands with mild Goth-If-You-squint aesthetics and nothing else 3. Real Goths are open-minded A poseur refuses to accept anything that is outside their world view 4. Real Goths dress how they like – looking ‘Goth’ is not important A poseur will dress in black so that everybody knows 'how Goth' he/she is 5. Real Goths don't limit their friends on 'how Goth' they are A poseur will sometimes try and disown friends in an effort to become more 'elite' Also, real Goths do not wear the white foundation, thick black eyemakeup and black lipstick that has become associated with the scene, due to poseurs. It looks bad, and I wouldn't reccomend it to anyone! I would also like to spend my time by adding the following: Goth Is Not A Religion! People are free to like whatever they please! It can be cute, it can be fluffy, it can even be pink!
I'm a Goth. I like rainbows. I like the sun. I like the fresh air. I love animals. I don't want to drown babies. None of my other friends are Goth. I like bright colours. I like pink! I own Converse! I'm not Satanist. I'm not a Neo-Nazi. I'm not depressed.
Leave comments or whatever. Whether you agree or disagree with the truth, I'd like to hear your opinions. - Emily ♥
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  Futuristic_faerietale — Page created: 17 July 2009
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