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My furries

I'm moving this to a page, in case it gets longer. It's just a list of my furries, in case anyone wants to play with
one. The parts in parentheses are their fetishes, or in simpler terms, what I like to use them for.

Alex (male)- An anthro fox with bright red fur and a patch of white on his belly and inner thighs. He has a bushy tail
with a white tip. Bright blue eyes are always alight with playfulness, and he has sharp teeth and claws. His fingers are
shorter and wider, like paws. (He prefers teasing and just having fun)

Aaron (male)- A cat furry, with slick black fur. He is incredibly tall and muscular. His tail is thick and long, strong
enough to hold someone still if need be. His hands are ordinary, only covered in fur and ending with sharp, retractable
claws like blades that can easily tear through cloth. He also has a very rough tongue, that he loves to use. (He prefers
bondage and domination)

Colt (male)- A horse furry, tall and muscular with short, coarse brown fur. His tail is mostly hair, bushy and long. He
is, as a horse, well-hung, of course. His face is longer than a persons, almost like a ordinary horse's.

Paris (male)- An anthro bird, covered in bright, rainbow plumage. He is very beautiful, but short, and he has no tail.
He has wings growing out of his back, along with arms, ending in fingers like talons. His lips are hard, like a beak.

Alex (Female) - An anthro fox with red fur covering her entire body. She has bright blue eyes and paws, only slightly
longer than an animals, to help her better grip stuff. She has sharp teeth and a bushy tail, along with dull claws she
likes to tease with. Her breasts are large, covered by a puff of fur over her chest, and her ass is round like a peach.

[These ideas I stole from a few other profiles, so I hope they don't mind; and if someone wants to, they can just choose
one, but I'd prefer to play as both]

George & Graham (males)- Twin bunny anthros, with bushy little tails that love to play with girls. They are both white,
with a brown patch covered George's left ear, while Graham's covers both. Both have bunny ears, and strong sex drives.
They are both about average height, around 5'8. (They prefer teasing and playing with their partner.)

Ashly & Antoine (Female and male)- Twin anthro lions. Ashly is female, with golden blonde fur covering her lithe body.
She is a tiny bit flat-chested, but still loves to show off. She always has multiple orgasms, and just loves the
experience. Antoine is almost always horny, with golden fur and a mane surrounding his neck. They both have hands and
whiskers, and long tails. (They prefer a little incest)

Riley (Herm.) - A raccoon anthro with breasts, a cock, and a pussy. Identifies as a she. She  loves to sleep with both
genders, and her brown fur is crossed with black stripes. (She prefers group sex)
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sexi_lexi_bi_lover says:   6 October 2011   126825  
antoine, george and graham sound really sexy
Furry_Fucker says:   6 October 2011   346711  
‹BuckyBarnes› says:   1 November 2011   677013  
i LOVE both alexs. i'd fuck the male ;P
Furry_Fucker says:   2 November 2011   412824  
Maybe you would like both to play with you?  
‹BuckyBarnes› says :   2 November 2011   844067  

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