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What My Friends Mean To Me

In spired by danieltpe

so lets start with 

He's a great friend. He's funny, sweet, kind, always makes me laugh, and is like my bestfriend in school. We always mess
around, i hope you could class us as really close. he's like a brother to me. we always mess around and i mean all the
time, i once had a play fight with him and carl it was so funny it looked dead wrong but we didnt care it was so great.
i love messing around like that. its right good. plus we do like almost everything together at school. he's in almost
all the same lessons as me and we just prat around. people even mistake us for going out because we're that close, but
thats just whats good friends are like.

Next hmmmmmmmmmmmm

now this is tricky. got to be careful what i say. well once upon a time we did go out but thats a very long story so
lets just not go there anyway now we're friends and he's great, we prat around he's always teasing me well tormenting me
but its only ever in a friendly way and im just as much to blame because i do the same to him. we prat around alot at
dinner and i almost always want to hit him for one thing or another were just at each others throughts all the time lol,
its better than the way alot of other relationships end, well at least were friends now.

and next we have

He's my bestfriend outside of school. either im at his house or he's at mine
were always together and never apart exspet in school cause we dont talk much at school,  he's like one of the family, i
mess around with him and we cal each other names and stuf like that lol, it helps being same cause everyone thinks your
inocent, lol when really your not but shhhhhhhhhh thats a secret so dont tell lol. and way he s a great guy like a
brother can be a bit over protective a times but he s stopped that now so its ok.

next lets have a female friend

well i meet chelsea about 3 years ago we dont realy talk that often but we know most things about each other. i love her
to bits she s like a little sister to me she loves my hugs and thinks there great, and we normally think the same thing.
we like the same thing and she s one of my bestfriends she s never turned her back on me even when i went through a faze
of ignoring my friends she still stuck bye me and i love her for it.


now he's a friend but i dont really wanna talk about it he used to be my bestfriend but i went out with his bestfriend
(Carl) and when me and (Carl) broke up me and owen kind of stoped talking me and owen started talking again not long ago
and are getting on quite well.

shes great a right good laugh and she's so funny i love her to bits she s right good. i only started talking to her a
while back but we like the smaes things. shes excellent at singing i dont care what she's says she is. and we think the
same things and have the same oponions its right good.

and then there's the other 

He's my new boyfriend i met him a while ago and i love him to bits we've only just started going out, he's funny kind
and sweet. but he doesnt go to the same school as me  . he's really cool, he likes me and i like him, i met him
through Ryan and im so glad i did, he's everything i ve ever wanted.

i ll finish rest off later

Please comment
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  Frankie21221 — Page created: 16 May 2007
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SithWedgie says:   16 May 2007   127961  
I'm very glad you have someone to love ^_^
Frankie21221 says:   22 May 2007   929218  
awwwwwwwwww thanks i am to lol
i love him to bits
ryryhere4life says:   23 May 2007   651564  
i am ya best m8 wow u are myn 2 we are a gr8 team sorry for every thing i put u
threw i mean it vanity u are my world my smile my i o u every thing u gave me a hart
something i never thout i could have u gave me u sead i was ya angel i hope that
still stands i am nothing without u just a shadow of a man that stands b4 u i have
never had a m8 that cares so much about me and its just u are like my lil sister i
can still remember that first hug and convo when i sead u have this thing with your
eyes and i sead ask for this saw and u did then your eyes sparkeld then i gave it u i
remebmer the time first playd need 4 speed and i won but now u win me all the time u
are just to good we allways fight dont we i mean i remember 2 month ago when i pickt
u up and u bit me that hurt lol but i dont want to fight no more its killing me this
i mean i no i am stupid and blind but i opend my eyes and u no what i saw i saw u
there at the front at the holter me being the best man cos dan will make me the best
man lol when i came back from barnsly i came back to make u happy and i did i got u d
boy and when i look at u now u dont no i do but i see u smile u have a gr8 smile i
came back to look after u and i have done that i think well i hope but u no what the
best thing is is that u are my m8 that means alot to me i real lot i remeber when we
rang up aj and i put last goodbye on and after we laft to loud and when i came down
and sead to u put ya clothes on and my dad thout we was having sex lol that was funny
come to think of it all the times we have been together we have had fun so this is my
sorry log that i am saying to u i am realy sorry for hurting u love blaze
Frankie21221 says:   23 May 2007   153985  
i dunno no more im so feed up
ryryhere4life says:   23 May 2007   745586  
why tlk to me plz
Frankie21221 says :   23 May 2007   524527  
im just fed up i havent had a proper nights sleep in ages 
you know why cause i love my friends and i try to look after them
all of em and i try to sort their problems and then their problems become my problems
its just everythings on top of me its not fair i cant just have my own life i have to
look after everyone else s and i hate it i hate fighting with chloe cause she doesnt
keep her word
i hate fighting with you cause sometimes you do try to act big and hard. im fed up of
not being able to spend anytime with kie cause he s either with chloe or we just
dunno what to talk about, im fed up of trying to help chelsea and worring about her
all the time
im fed up of keeping secrets
i hate not seeing my bf
i hate not seeing carl cause its so boring at school
and i really really really miss him
im fed up of no one trusting me
i hate the fact that daniels leaving cause im 
really really really really really really really really really really really gonna
miss him i mean that he s like my brother i hate the crap thats happening to melissa
and having to tell my grandma and grandad that we dont want to work for them no more
i hate having everyone elses problems i just want to be a normal girl like everyone
i hate beening taken the mick out of because im very clever its just not fair
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