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What i think

What I hate

I hate the way my country is run by the goverment.

i swear even i could do a better job and im only 14,
they take every penny we ve got.
they forget about people in england that need help
and go off helping every other tom dick and harry whats the point.
dont get me wrong im glad they help other people 
but what happened to being a team player
looking after your own (and i know that sounds really selfish 
but when you ve seen people homeless on the streets 
and then you turn on the news when you get home 
and there talking about how their helping people come into our country 
and live basicly better than i do and i ve lived here all my life 
im not saying its wrong to let people in the country 
im just saying that they should forget about the people that already live here
I hate that we pay tax on anything and everything.

why should we have to pay to buy something as well as pay someone for paying for it whats the point
its just so bent and i ll never understand it
its just another way the goverment get money out of us.

I hate that we choose to ignore global warming.

because its not going to just go away its hear to stay,
and we re the only one s who can change it,
because its gonna get worse before it gets better.
we want to change it we have to start now not later because we re the only ones who can,
you think the whethers bad now its nothing on what it could be,
higher climate = high tempreture = worse whether = more devastation.

I hate to much pollution
yeah we have to make atleast alittle,
but not as much as we are its rediculous!
like all it takes is for you to walk to the shop 
(i only mean if its 10 mins maybe 15 maxs away)
you d save the enviroment

I hate stuck up people,

and celebs that say we should change it,
well they have enough money why dont they help. 
and you have them people, you know the ones,
that think there better than you,
well actually no there not, 
because if they d not already notices,
we re all people,
we all care about people,
and every one means something to someone.

I hate war

we could just talk instead of blowing each others heads off but no thats not good enough we have to kill people,
people who are really just like you and me they have families people that love them and care about them that love them
as much as we love peple we care about. so what gives us the right to say we you cant care for this person you cant hold
this person in your arms ever again you can never see them again that you will never hear there voice again
exactly we dont have that right and thats what war does it say that, that is right when really its wrong

What I love

I love it when people get along
when were happy and care free
when we life life to the ful
i love seeing children playing games on the grass instead of being stuck infront of a TV screen
I love seeing people out with there friends chating talking haveing a picknick
i love seeing people grow learning and developing them selfs
I love to see love the kind you find in fairy tails that last forever
I love seeing romance just so i know its still there and not dead
I love making a person smile and seeing them happy
I love the country side thats un touch its natural and so beautiful if only we would take the time to look
i like seeing waterfalls flowers blooming 
grass as it moves in the wind a rainbow in the sky.
looking into the eyes of someone you know loves you
hearing the birds sing in a morning or seeing a baby with a smile on its face
watching leave blow in the wind watching the leaves falling in autum seeing them grow back in spring

What I think is that we forgotten what really matter the life we should cherish but yet
we through away,

Members that think the same as i do
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  Frankie21221 — Page created: 9 April 2007
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navygirl says:   9 April 2007   187267  
omg..........................................neat...i guess...and our goverment is
ok...i guess
Frankie21221 says:   9 April 2007   747477  
hi thanks i think want to be a member?
Rayanica says:   9 April 2007   974944  
Me too!
ryryhere4life says:   9 April 2007   536295  
wow good words out did yourself there sky xxxx
Frankie21221 says:   9 April 2007   515778  
thanks Bb and thanks Rayanica
danieltpe says:   13 May 2007   985224  
Just to think us 2 talk about this alot lol
danieltpe says:   14 May 2007   342998  
Fanny lol! and yes im tht immature i do find it funny
danieltpe says:   14 May 2007   332941  
awww it went wheres fanny the advertising bot gone 
Orbitzs says:   14 May 2007   356567  
nice um................. thing
Frankie21221 says:   14 May 2007   336141  
lol thanks
and daniel WTF are you doing
posting that on my page?
CoolGirl2 says:   6 October 2007   286571  
nice job. *applauds*
Frankie21221 says :   27 October 2007   496342  
lol awwwwwwwwwwww thanks
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