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Pokemon Oekakis

I've decided to make a page where people can post their oekakis of pokemon. I'll only do one of each, so if there are several entries of the same pokemon, I'm going to choose the best out of the group, but I'll only do that if there is an abundance of them. Because as you see, I haven't really upheld this rule XD. But I'll also put underneath that other people drew that pokemon too and list their names underneath, as well as a link to their oekaki. These are mine so far: Pokabu Choroneko Mebukijika Riolu *NOTE: If you have done any of the ones I have, I will still list them. That is the ONLY exception to the rule. Artist: Jaune Artist: valawala ‹<McDonald's>›"> Artist: �<mcdonald>� Artist: watermelon Artist: ‹Michelle-His-Belle› Artist: ‹Michelle-His-Belle› Artist: ‹Michelle-His-Belle› Artist: ‹Michelle-His-Belle› Artist: ‹Michelle-His-Belle› Artist: ‹Michelle-His-Belle› Artist: LittleWitch Artist: ZeldaXprincess12
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  Foxblaze — Page created: 22 October 2010  |  Last modified: 27 January 2011
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erika11yearoldlez says:   24 October 2010   450093  
Foxblaze says:   24 October 2010   423584  
@erika11yearoldlez ^^ thx do you have any entries to submit? 
baby_lynx says:   29 October 2010   982379  
firefly09 says:   11 November 2010   982959  
These are all really cute. Sadly, I suck at Oekaki.
Foxblaze says:   11 November 2010   139448  
Well, I accept any and all pokemon oekakis, so feel free to submit an entry =^x^=
‹Legendary Catwoman› says:   11 November 2010   168429  
Great oekakis! Pretty well done! I love the page! Is great.
Foxblaze says:   11 November 2010   818175  
^^ thanks
‹<<<<<<***SWEET ANGLE***>>>>>>› says:   16 November 2010   252411  
very nice
Foxblaze says:   16 November 2010   681409  
thank you
‹Legendary Catwoman› says:   16 November 2010   569571  
The one crying destruct my heart.
Foxblaze says:   16 November 2010   439574  
apparently he's crying from happiness
‹♥Mӗw♥› says:   25 December 2010   145693  

Here are mine :D
Foxblaze says:   25 December 2010   349877  
wow thanks! 
‹Ѧɛ∂ʋƨα› says:   25 December 2010   211899  
13itchmama says:   21 January 2011   435544  
these r amazing everyone is soo good
Foxblaze says:   21 January 2011   644509  
Would you care to submit any? I take any and all pokemon pics 
SuperSteve says:   22 January 2011   860349  
How can people do so good oekakis?
Foxblaze says:   22 January 2011   986466  
Well, practice is definitely key. But as far as I know, the best way to do good is by
adopting someone elses style and making it your own. That's how I learned at least.
Do you have any you want to submit? 
SuperSteve says:   22 January 2011   213632  
no sorry! I'm horrid at drawing lol 
Foxblaze says :   22 January 2011   777035  
Lol that doesn't matter, I take any and all. 

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