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Join The FireClan Club!

Hey all you Warriors fans! If you love warriors, then come join FireClan! Even if you don't know what this is, try it out! Post a comment here or send me a message if you want to join my club. Either go to my profile or search FireClan in the search bar and click clubs. THIS IS JUST THE RULES AND MEMBER DESCRIPTION PAGE! MAKE SURE TO GO TO THE CLUB PAGE AND REQUEST TO JOIN! Make sure to read the rules before joining please! =^w^= This is the glossary terms list the warriors use [Provided by <arctic>] And these are the rival clans. Make sure to steer clear! (Lol jk, these are posted so you can pick which clan you want to join.) LeafClan: StormClan: FrostClan: WaterClan: SpiritClan: NightClan: PLEASE READ THE RULES BEFORE JOINING!!!!! I'm starting to get tired of people sending me messages without a warrior name or pic. D:< 1: Obviously, don't be disrespectful. You get three warnings, then you're exiled from the Clan if behavior is repeated 2: There is one rival clan, LeafClan, but as for having rp gatherings I'm not sure yet. 3: If you want to join, please send a message, don't post here. If you want to join you must send me a message including details as fur description, eye color (optional) (I need more than one in case the pic doesn't have the color you said) and If you want to choose your own warrior name, that's fine. If you can't decide, I can try to help you get your name. 4: Since this is a roleplay, some things might not make sense to you. If you don't understand something, pm me and I'll try to explain it. 5: If you don't like the position you're at (say, you're an apprentice and you want to be a warrior) then you're just going to have to tough it out. We can't all be warriors without being kits or apprentices first (besides the first five members) 6: If you don't wish to be in the club anymore, message me and we can come up with a story like you were killed by foxes or greencough or something. After all, what's role playing without a story? That's all! See ya in FireClan! =^x^=
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  Foxblaze — Page created: 16 August 2010  |  Last modified: 31 March 2011
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‹carry on my wayward son› says:   29 August 2010   329497  
You might want to remove the former members of the club. ^^
Foxblaze says:   29 August 2010   162181  
yeah I've been working on it
‹carry on my wayward son› says:   4 September 2010   372525  
How many characters are we allowed to make?
‹Love Like Woe› says:   4 September 2010   219030  
I want to join!
Foxblaze says:   4 September 2010   333616  
I guess I'll see how it goes 
‹🎼kittidere🎶› says:   5 September 2010   865852  
Kitties. ♥ ; u ;
:D I'd like to join, da.
godessofdreams says:   10 September 2010   730651  
Umm it sound intresting but what is it about? 
I never read the books so im wondering.
FallenFaerie says:   2 October 2010   795702  
Warriors is about clans of cats that live in the forest. They often come across
various problems like death from green cough or white cough, loss of prey, battles
over territoy and loss of territory..
‹Crisp Autumn Air› says:   13 October 2010   847671  
i have a clan now, FrostClan. i would like to be another clan in your listing under
rival clans please
‹I_WILL_EAT_YOU_NO_MATTER_WHAT› says:   6 November 2010   365681  
But I'm not finished, so I have a question;;
Are there spoilers?
‹carry on my wayward son› says :   11 November 2010   325530  
Add StormClan to the rival clans. C:
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