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25 M Canada
speaks English
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 Hello to all human/Alien life out there (Why the hell did I put this!!)

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I am 13. My b-day is july,28,1995 I believe in god and Jesus. I am in a band with Areca, and Smeader we practice in my garage. I Do Not Smoke. I have 100% Vision. I like to skate board. I have a dog. I love dragon things. My favourite food is either pizza or lasagna. I love hot girls. I like all most anykind of music. And I love anime and manga! pals: nellamoon, knp, cookiepoo2, Enole_360, luckyboi_2468, StagePony, sexy_chick77, bby_Jazzy, Hinata_Hyuuga, Sammie, sakura_haruno101, sexy_chick77, piglet4u,Areca,Smeader My best friend ever: iPodHakre22 My second best friend Sammie My little sister Areca My Band The Black Hearted Lions (We think we are going to rename)and we were 5 star for a song in a contest My other best friend Hinata_hyuuga619 My pets Hooray This is one of my bands songs!! I adopted a cute lil' cow fetus from Fetusmart! Hooray fetus! <bunnyhero> <bunnyhero> epic movie rules I got the glitter graphics from ANIME AND MANGA RULE Awesome Halo2 mods ttp:// extra video of the one before DRAGON DAY CARE owner: Me (Girl)Name: KillaKilla Bunga Age:100 Owner:Me (Boy)Name: Fire Drake Age: 150 Owner: Me (Girl) Age:190 Name: Water Drake Owner:Me (Boy)Name:Morta Age:80 Owner:Me (Girl) Name: Araknea Age:1000 Owner:Me (Boy) Name: Flareon Age:20 Owner:Me (Boy) Name: Gorea Age:1010 Owner:Me (Girl) Name:Kellaras Age: 150 ?options=width:117;height:88 Owner:Me (Girl) Name:Kronos Age:79 Owner:me (Boy) Name:Emartia Age:900 Owner:Me Age: 200 Names: (Girl)white: Saphira (Boy)Red:Flickerias (Girl) Black: Shadow (Boy) Yellow:Sunburst Rider: Me (Boy) Green:Serpintine Owner:Me Ages: Red:200 Blue:160 names: (Boy) Red: Sardarias (girl)Blue:Corestens Owner:Me Ages: ( Boy) Pink:2000 (unknown) Skeleton: Unknown (Girl) long Snout:4000 Names: Pink: Glowstrat Skeleton:Horrorifar long snout: farsarias Owner:Me two legendary dragons I caught on a trip all stats unknown... Crazy huh?? Owner:My Mom (Girl) Age:100 Name:Shausbot Owner:Me (Boy) Age:1009 Name:Goutmagra Owner:Me (Girl) Age:600 Name:Bird Flap Owner: Me (Boy) Name: Anmasdre Age:999 Owner: My Dad (Boy) Name:Defendex Optomo Age:1200 Father of Imperias Embereyes Owner: My Dad(Girl) Name: Imperias Embereyes Age: 648 (Boy) Owner: Luckyboi_2469 age:145 Name: Eureka (Boy) age:10000000000 Name:oscerx My Dragon symbol My Demon Form Yummy steak <bunnyhero> <bunnyhero> Some very weird things

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25 Nov 08
Yeah I'm back my friends but I ussually forget so if you want to talk to alot go on
17 May 08
My life is Depressing as in very depressing because as a poetic Teen with 9 stitches in his leg...

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A Foggy NightCOWS SAY MOOOOOOOOOOOOOI thought angels couldnt die num.2

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Q&A Section   
JunoSarah 25 Dec 08  
Lol! Cool Profile. ;D
Flying_Dragon158 30 Dec 08  
THX man thats really awesome for you to say that
misty 7 Aug 07  
ok whats with the fight.....? oh yea and dome guy said i wanted a bf and told
me 2 look u up he said you looked like a absol or i have a
bf tho so now this is very creepy......oh yea but dragonslayer is spossed to b
Flying_Dragon158 8 Aug 07  
ok dragonslayers my brother!
‹Punk_Wanna-Be_Thug_Perpetrator› 1 Aug 07  
first off i know mucho about mystical creatures second no one so far is a
dragon and thired i take the info from what the people give me about there self
and i find out what element there most like then i look up mystical creatures on
the internet and i find the one most like that person and i go to photobucket
and i copy and paste the name of the creature into the seach and thats how i get
the picutre so there i'm not the one with the names of the creatures the
computer is o and by the way some of the creatures are forgen so most likely
some of the names are not in the inglish mystical creature 
so if you want to put your 2 cents back into my bussnise go ahead but it looks
like im the one that knows more about the american and forgen creatures than

now good day 

and if you have a problem with the photo's and creatures name are spelled then
make your own page like mine i don't mind
Flying_Dragon158 1 Aug 07  
Well its the truth and for your info I have been reading and investigating
dragons and mystical creatures since i was 3 so looks like I know more than you
Sammie 3 Jun 07  
Ok I'll probably will but it will mosty like be more like a play
Flying_Dragon158 3 Jun 07  
Oh ok as long as im still in it.
Sammie 2 Jun 07  
yeah I'm really sorry for cancelling it...... I didnt want to butI had to
becuase of something that had happened I am really sorry!!!!!!!!
Flying_Dragon158 3 Jun 07  
Its ok..... As long as you make a new 1
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