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Animal Crossing : Wild World

ANIMAL CROSSING : WILD WORLD ( is a good site for ACWW stuff :3) Please leave a comment wit your name, town name, and friend code so others can visit :D btw.. i need someone to come to my town >< pleaaaase ;< And My Code is 206279114691~ :D Town:Amherest (or somethin) Char.: Kaya PS.. I can help you with stuffs if you want~ :3 and can someone please come to my town and help me get nookingtons? >_>;;
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  Fishi_o3o — Page created: 27 December 2007  |  Last modified: 24 September 2008
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cornelia_101 says:   6 April 2008   999826  
oh hii!

i have animal crossing aswell! but every time i try getting a code it says i cant
bcuz sumthin like i hv to chck my wi fi settings! LOL! when i do the settings ill let
ya know
Fishi_o3o says:   6 April 2008   564985  
mmk ty :D  u can ask me if u need help :3
emo_vampire_gurl says:   7 April 2008   497721  
i have this game, later ill give my code, b cuz i dont have it at the mmoment
emo_vampire_gurl says:   7 April 2008   671264  
momment(duh) lolz
cornelia_101 says:   7 April 2008   424476  
ok! thanx!
Fishi_o3o says:   7 April 2008   146148  
mmk :3

np ^______^
happybunnyroxmysox says:   8 April 2008   489363  
i'll give to ya as soon as i find it! its packed away somewhere!
Fishi_o3o says:   8 April 2008   568956  
mmk :D
Sophie_96 says:   11 April 2008   247293  
code: 7764833211
Fishi_o3o says:   11 April 2008   355893  
o.o thats not long enuf..
‹SqueeneyTodd› says:   14 April 2008   472172  
I'll give it to you, later. I can't find it!:-(
‹Skull_And_Crossbones› says:   15 April 2008   457775  
I<3Pievil is mine, except the <3 is a heart picture. My name is Beanz and my friend
code is 5155-2954-1768
Fishi_o3o says:   15 April 2008   985697  
:O mmk; mmk ill add u;]
NAR_UTO says:   15 April 2008   772871  
I'm getting that game
cornelia_101 says:   16 April 2008   475469  
i need help actually... every time i try n get a friend code it says no copatible
access is range or sumthing but i dont understand wat i have to do with the wi fi
Fishi_o3o says:   16 April 2008   552969  
cool :D wen u get remember to giv me ur frend code xDDDD;  u hav to try to set up
the internet access thingy :d
Fishi_o3o says:   16 April 2008   299927  
i think >_>
cornelia_101 says:   17 April 2008   217495  
ok i will thanx!
Fishi_o3o says:   17 April 2008   466545  
;D np .. did it work? >__>
Rin_Sohma says:   17 April 2008   242174  
dont have it. not leaving my town name of the web. byyye.
cornelia_101 says:   18 April 2008   817336  
no... well i tried the wi-fi settings but it did'nt work...
i think i should go on the ninten wi-fi settings web...
Fishi_o3o says:   18 April 2008   958662  
bye. o.o; D: mmk ;< tell me wen u set it up ;o
cornelia_101 says:   23 April 2008   312847  
ok i will!
as soon as i do it
Fishi_o3o says:   23 April 2008   315243  
thx ;]
Cowboy_Cutie says :   23 April 2008   613615  
My sis has an account on acc its Vaylana
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