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Magiks: Chapter One

It's a short chapter but it's only the first, hopefully they'll get longer as the story progresses and theres more to write about. But for now, I hope you enjoy the start of my latest story and the chapters to come. {Nicky} This is the main character. ------------------------------------------------------------------------- They were everywhere, their voices echoing in my head. “Who are you?” I screamed, wanting an answer immediately. “You don’t want to know” a hoarse voice said from the shadows, their voice cracked with tiredness. “Why?” I yelled into the darkness, looking around desperately, I wanted to see someone, anyone. No one answered, only silence followed my question. The slight buzzing of voices started again. Where were they? It’s total darkness around here, you couldn’t even see a finger in front of your face, I thought, If I can’t see them, I can’t get out. I could feel my eyelids dropping, slowly making the world seem even darker than it already was. The voices were slowly dying down. Nothing was making sense anymore as I slipped into a deep sleep. ~ A rush of colours surrounded me, swirling in the air, creating intricate patterns and squiggles. Figures began to form, chairs, shelves, walls, windows, and more. The sound of voices started, excited and happy as they drew nearer. Where am I?, I thought as I scanned the room slowly. This place seemed familiar, but it wasn’t at the same time. People with no faces walked into the room, little kids running in, playing with toys they held in their hands. A small baby was held in the hands of the woman, her head bent down to look at the child. The baby had a face. It was soft and plump looking with rosy cheeks. Little blonde curls fell from her head and bright green eyes peered out from under think, blonde lashes. I ran over to them, waving my hands in front of their faces, hoping to catch their attention. They didn’t notice anything. It was like I was invisible; only a figment of what was never imagination. “Tell me where I am!” I yelled, frustrated. “I want to know” I cried uselessly. “Who are you people? Tell me, please tell me. I hate the dark, god I’ve lived in it for fifteen years. I’ve had enough!” I rambled, half sobbing out the words and half yelling them. I looked at the child. She looked so innocent, so pure; she doesn’t know what’s really out there in the world, the things that are kept hidden from prying eyes, the things that the authorities don’t want the rest of the population to know. With the time that I’ve been kept away from the world, kept in the dark, I’ve managed to learn things. Some things that the people that keep talking, they don’t stop talking, don’t want me to know. There’s a whole other world out there, one full of magiks and... the impossible. There’s the evil side of this world and the good side, the whole balance of the universe, the Yin and Yang. I’m not sure how this whole thing works entirely but to my understanding, there needs to be a balance of good and evil otherwise the whole universe will be overthrown and there will be either too much good or too much evil in the world. The baby let out a laugh, interrupting my thoughts. I smiled, she was cute, a bouncing baby girl. I wonder what she will grow up to be like, I thought. Loud banging started on the door, thundering through the room. “Open up!” someone boomed from behind the door, hands hitting the wood of the door heavily. The woman looked up panicked before she looked towards her husband. Two words slipped from her mouth before the door was kicked down and men came running in with guns held in their hands, dressed in black from head to toe, “their here”. The sound of gunfire erupted in the air as the men aimed and fired. Blood splattered the room, painting it in red. They shot everyone but the baby. You could hear it crying next to the mother’s painful looking figure. One of the men walked over to the baby, picking it up in his arms. “Got it” he whispered as he walked back into the ranks, signalling for them to walk out of the room. “Elissia” one of the men sneered as he followed his leader out of the bloody room.
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