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Lauren & Damon (story)

Chapter 1 Skate Park I sat, watching, as the sun set gently over the horizon, casting long shadows across the golden sand. The trees swayed softly in the breeze while the scent of the salty sea drifted from the crashing waves. I leaned my head over, onto his shoulder, closing my eyes, taking in every moment. I knew this wasn't real and that I'd wake up soon but I had to try. I opened my eyes and moved to kiss him. Before my lips touched his I woke up. Dazed and a little dissapointed I rolled over, pushing my face into my pillow and groaned. I had been having the same dream over and over, every single night for the past year, ever since I met him, Damon. He had stolen my heart, taken it for his own. I'd never felt like this before, not with anyone. Not even with my ex Erik. We'd become friends over the year, which was difficult on my part because I wanted so much more that to be friends. I wanted more than that. It was obvious that he didn't though. We were going out with a couple of his other friends. The ones from the skate park. Did I forget to mention he was almost like the sterio-type of popular. Damon was good on a board and by good I mean really good. I think he could become one of those pro skaters like Tony Hawk. One thing I never realised before was how nice his friends could be when I actually got into the conversation. I the past I never tried, I just sat and listened because all the seemed to talk about was the latest gear and new tricks. "Hey Lauren! What do you think of my new board?" Michael yelled across the park. "It's really cool" I replied as I walked over. It had a firey design with a designer brand of some sort labelled across the flames. I'd have to admit it was actually cool. They were growing on me. I was actually beginning to like skateboards, bikes, scooters and the skate park. Who whould've guessed? I laughed a little at that thought before sitting on the edge of the ramp Michael was on. "Whatcha been up to?" Michael said. "Not much, just hanging round. Been places" "Like where?" "Nothing worth discussing. So what have you been doing Mike?" I asked innocently (I'll write some more later) "Skateing as usual, you know.. where suckers for some good tricks and boards" he chuckled as Damon walked over. "I never knew..." Damon said, interupting what I was going to say. "Hey Damon" I said happy he was here. He was gorgus. Just looking at him made me want him even more. "Hey, how are you?" He replied. "Not this whole convo again" Michael groaned "we just went through this" I laughed as Damon grabbed Michaels board and flipped it over in his hands cheacking it out. "Nice board" "Thanks mate" Michael said, a huge grin spread across his face. (urg writers block)
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CrazyMeaghanJellieBeanie says:   4 October 2010   502004  
I Like The Story So Far, MARRR (MORE) Lol !
Featherblaze says :   4 October 2010   147276  

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