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Fakes: Dolls

If you've noticed, Kupika has been swarming with little girls claiming to be 7-10 years of age, and instead of REAL pictures, they post pictures of dolls and say they are them. They also claim that they can talk, and type, and move around like us. This is a list of boys and girls who are stupid enough to claim those things. >>>> this page is being updated daily. Remember. Kupika is anonymous. Trust No One.
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  FakeBasher — Page created: 15 August 2009  |  Last modified: 17 August 2009
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‹deppressedamazingAMANDA› says:   15 August 2009   267747  
ok thanks but get your facts straight
we cant type are mothers type for us but we tell them what to type.
we can talk but im shy so i only talk when im alone with my mommy.
some of us can move but not all.
we can get sick like me i have a dissease where my eyes cant open its sad.

were just normal things we havent offended enyone nd if we have we are truly sorry.
FakeBasher says:   15 August 2009   671881  
Your a DOLL. You can't move talk eat or sleep. Go fuck a tree if you can move. But
you can't so..
‹deppressedamazingAMANDA› says:   15 August 2009   734842  
we can talk some of us move and all of us slepp.i have tried to be nice and i like
that you put alot of effort in this but there are more of us.
FakeBasher says:   15 August 2009   525156  
Wow. Your an idiot, I can't wait until some dude fins you just sitting there and
burs you in a fire. Then you can have a "dolly funeral." fucktard.
‹deppressedamazingAMANDA› says:   15 August 2009   548682  
im trying to be nice and ill round up the others and make us show who we really are
dolls with loving owners right now a human is talkin to you amandas sleeping.but ya
know you could be nice
FakeBasher says:   15 August 2009   467772  
I'm not gonna be nice because your pathetic attempt at making me believe dollsare
alive, isn't working. go cry in a corner. "boo-hoo!"
‹RushingStars★› says:   15 August 2009   932428  
dolls aren't alive so... how is it that all you "dolls" are friends but u live in
diff. place across the world? and it says on your profiles ur either 10 or 32 but u
claim to be like 7

also, how do we know ur not all the same person claiming to be different dolls that
are alive?
‹deppressedamazingAMANDA› says:   15 August 2009   798377  
no how about i step it up a knotch 

ya were dolls and proud to be them too wwere here then there you can take us
treat us right dayy and night well love you forever hate us well what ever!
FakeBasher says:   15 August 2009   594957  
You suck at comebacks. Just gtfo already.
‹deppressedamazingAMANDA› says:   15 August 2009   253515  
no thanks ill be doing this till i die

imagine fantisaition
most people pic the lowest age if 7 some pick random.
‹[Jenny,ColorMeBeautiful.]› says:   16 August 2009   748891  
Wow, really why would you say that your a doll? That is the most retarted thing to
fake that you are. I mean really why would you want to pretend to be a doll?
FakeBasher says:   16 August 2009   349755  
I know right? :/
purplehaze says:   16 August 2009   393622  
That's just creepy.
FakeBasher says:   16 August 2009   176793  
Yes I know. >_<
‹New account : MONSTERENERGY› says:   17 August 2009   197544  
I know right, it's AWFUL.
FakeBasher says:   17 August 2009   358797  
It's too weird!!
‹deppressedamazingAMANDA› says:   23 August 2009   843338  
yes it is very weird esspecialy when your on the inernet then you hear your doll say
hi its starteling but now ive got 3 in the family amanda,sabrina,and serinitity.
Danielle10 says:   24 August 2009   795538
Just let them be fake items. No one who has a brain will believe they're really a
"Cabbage Girl doll"!
midnightkisses says:   18 October 2009   223291  
i lol'd alot. (:
‹KelseyBear(:› says :   11 April 2010   779518  
wow. people have time do that?
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