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~A Page Dedicated to FaiLym~

About FaiLym: FaiLym is an adorable couple from the game Star Ocean: The Last Hope. The couple? Faize Sheifa Beleth and Lymle Lemuri Phi. Trust me, they are an adorable couple. Faize Sheifa Beleth Age: 18 Gender: Male Eye color: Violet Hair color: Pale green Race: Eldarian Planet: Eldar (duh?) About Faize: Faize is cute, sweet, and alien-tastic! He fights with a rapier, which makes him all-the-more manly... He had an affair with a girl on the planet Roak, and she died... and Lymle hates him for the majority of the game, until he 'dies.' He doesn't really die, though. Lymle Lemuri Phi Age: 15 Gender: Female Eye color: Topaz Hair color: Blonde Race: Lemurisian Planet: Lemuris About Lymle: When Lymle was six, she was drawing a symbol pattern. (Symbols are like magic.) The symbol pattern she drew messed up and opened up a portal to the demon realm. In order to stop the hate that was flowing into her, she stopped all growth. Since then, she hasn't aged a bit. At least, not until she meets Faize's friends, Edge and Reimi. She hates Faize at first, but then it eventually becomes L-O-V-E! First sign of love w/ FaiLym: Okay, so there's this girl named Welsh who helps with transmissions between Earth and the gang's ship, the Calnus. Welsh tells the captain of the Calnus, Edge Maverick, that she has new glasses, but Edge doesn't notice the difference. She tells him to look closer, and when he does, Lymle bounces through Welch's hologram and scared Edge. Now, they do it to Faize. Faize is all, "Let me get a closer look," and leans in really close to see if he can tell. Then Lymle hops through the hologram and they KISS ON THE LIPS!!!! Lymle is all, "Wha... What are you doing?" and Faize is like "What are YOU doing?" Then, they storm out of the room, arguing with each other, and Welch goes, "Is this the first sign of L-O-V-E? Show Auntie Welch some more!" Edge and Reimi are just standing there like "Oh, so God help us."
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