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anorexic twig

As she walked through the halls all she could think about was, " Why is everyone staring at me and whispering?" to her each day of middle school was hell, each day she would be told mean comments about my weight and random people would come up to her begging her not to squish them. This had been going on since middle school started and it was miserable. She had no true friends and who she though liked her, ended up talking crap about her behind her back. Her name was Beth but to every one else it was T-Rex. each day Beth would come home and just scream and cry herself to sleep knowing that that was the only way to get her anger out... she would grab her hair and begin to pull it, out of frustration and wish she was like the other girls who all the guys liked, the ones that were so fake they looked real and the ones who people like her wished they could be, Beth wanted to be a girl where it didn’t matter how baggy her clothes she wore were people would compliment her skinniness and she wished that she could get away with wearing a skirt and no one would make rude comments and actually make her feel wanted. Beth had tried diets and exercising but none of the pounds would shed, she was 12 and she weighed 178 pounds and she had always been bigger than the others but no one said anything about it until now. by now her makeup was running down her red face and her head felt all stuffy from crying, her throat hurt from crying and her scalp her from pulling her hair. After about two hours she would be asleep and just hoping she would never wake up so she didn’t have to go to the place everyone except her like, school. When Beth woke up she only had one thing on her mind, to loose the T-Rex inside of her and the rolls outside. " hey T-Rex Rachel said to Beth that afternoon but Beth no longer responded to that name " hey T-Rex let me barrow a pencil!!!" Rachel said again "I don’t have any" Beth said in a low soft voice trying not to cry, "why did you eat them all" Rachel said "no." Beth said choking on the huge lump in the back of her throat.. She knew she was about to cry, she could feel the tears building up. "Well t-Rex you really need to know that pencils are not food and we all know that you eat anything in your path but I need a pencil!" By now Beth had tears running down her face and she felt like going home to go pull on her hair and scream but she couldn’t escape, she felt like the world was on her she couldn’t breathe..... About five seconds later she was gasping air but the air felt thick so she had to keep breathing, she felt like a boiling pot of water and suddenly, she fainted..... "T-Rex!!!!!!" Rachel said, Rachel raised her hand and told the teacher that Beth’s head was hurting her foot and she asked her if she could just move it. The teacher rushed over "oh my gosh!" the teacher said "call the office Rachel" she said but Rachel just sat there... "My foot hurts too bad to move Mrs." the teacher got up and called the office after a few minutes two paramedics showed up and of course Rachel tried to flirt with the younger one but he was too focused on the over weight victim.. it was half an hour later when Beth woke up.. "What happened?" she asked while lying in her hospital bed. Her dad was sitting in a chair near by looking at a magazine. He didn’t even seem glad his daughter just woke up he didn’t even lift his head... Suddenly the doctor walked in and noticed Beth awake "hey" he said "hi" Beth said back "can you tell me why I’m here" Beth asked the doctor. The doctor was wearing a blue mask and a white jacket, his hair was fluffy and it waved to his ears. "You fainted" he said "you weight seemed to increase it and caused it." “Oh" Beth said, "When can I take her home?" Beth’s dad said, still not lifting his head. "In about half an hour she will be good to go i just need you to fill out some paper work." the doctor said handing Beth’s dad a clipboard. After they got out of the hospital Beth returned home and just sat on her bed wondering why people were so mean. As dinner came Beth told her parents that she was not hungry and she just needed to sleep. The next morning Beth woke up and got dressed, she put on a pair of jeans and a hoodie. While walking to school people in their cars stared and whispered to the passenger about Beth and her weight, not even taking into consideration that she might be a sweet girl. At school every one just laughed and giggled at Beth because the story had already got around the school, "i herd that she just flopped over on top of Rachel like a huge shelf!!" Beth heard a girl say to her friend. 3rd period came and Rachel was sitting behind Beth writing notes to Gia her best friend." hey T-Rex, can you go sharpen my pencil???" Rachel said pointing to the sharpener "no" Beth said looking at her "why Beth are you going to faint again?" "no" Beth said getting quit "good because you still haven’t apologized for hurting my foot with your 400 pound head!" at lunch Beth wasn’t hungry so she just sat alone by a big pillar in the corner of the room while every one sat talking with their friends. After lunch Beth was walking down the stairs when someone tripped her "AVALANCH!!!!" everyone screamed "Beth began to cry but she didn’t want to show it so she ran into the bathroom. Looking confused she stared at the guy standing in front of her, he was tall and he was wearing a shirt that only popular people would wear. "Hey girl, this is the boys’ bathroom." he said "learn to read!" as she walked away out of the door he just sat there and laughed. A week had passed and Beth hadn’t eaten anything except a banana. She was becoming thinner but not that much, by now Beth thought food was gross, the thought of if was gross and the tastes were salty and sweet combined. no one cared that she never ate and they just kept laughing, after 3 months Beth had only eaten about 5 meals and she had lost a bunch of weight, she went from a size 14 to an 8 and she was now getting compliments, still she was called T-Rex but now it was Tiny T-Rex, each day Rachel still commented on her body and how hers was better than Beth’s because she was a zero. After 6 months Beth had barely eaten anything she weighed 97 pounds and was now a size 2 "wow Beth" Rachel said looking at the new and improved Beth "I like how skinny you have become, but I’m skinnier still." 4 more months passed with compliments like no other. "I love your shirt Beth" , "wow look how skinny you are" but Beth now weighed 76 pounds and was now a size 1 with Rachel, you could count her ribs and see her spine. after 4 more months of not eating, she weighed 54 pounds and was in the 8th grade, now you could really see her ribs and you could count all the rings around her spine, she was sick very sick, the thought of food made her puke, but she had friends lots of friends and no matter how many friends she had she was unhappy because in the mirror she still thought she was still fat. that night Beth’s mom called her down stairs and told her she could not do anything not even go to school until she finished 2 hamburgers. it was 2 days later when the food still had not been touched so Beth’s mom brought her to the hospital to get a feeding tube, by now Beth weighed 52 pounds and was still not satisfied. Beth had been in the hospital for 2 more months and weighed 82 pounds; her mom checked her out and told her she needed to eat on her own, but it didn’t work. Beth’s stomach was so tiny it would get full off of a chip. Beth now weighs 83pounds and she is in the eleventh grade she is still sick and still thinks she is fat, but most of all she wishes she had never starved herself and would have just exercised all of the weight of and been a normal weight.
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  EzMay — Page created: 7 February 2007
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Leolin says:   7 February 2007   927442  
Sorry, what? Wall-O-Text. 'Tab' Please.  :[
EzMay says:   7 February 2007   642878  
EzMay says:   7 February 2007   379548  
it is soooo depressng huh??
mY_cHeMiCal_RoMaNcE says:   7 February 2007   951482  
Cowyeshia cries :   1 March 2007   446215  
Thats so sad. But I wish I could weigh 52 pounds

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