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27 F Australia
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 Deep Vengeance is The Daughter Of Deep Silence.
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My Name is Ewoyn Myst.
I am seen as a very withdrawn person and I live with my older brother
Degan. I am 16 years old, and in my short time on this earth I have
seen great tragedy and evil. For all those that believe "vampires" do
not exist, I'll put it simply, you are wrong. But I don't blame
you, you have not seen what I have. Vampires to you are only found in
Epic movies or childrens books, but for me they are found in my
reality and haunt my darkest dreams.
So you now understand a little about me, and you've probably guessed
what my purpose is, in this broken life.

I am a Vampire Slayer. My goal in this world is to rid this
earth of the murdering scum known as vampires, my brother and I have
raw vengeance pumping through our viens. I am not going to go
into great detail of our past, It kills me to relive it.
Our family was slaughtered by group of vampires. No reason for attack
and my kin was defenceless. My brother and myself escaped. How? I do
not know, Why? I do not know either, But I know for certain that He
and I will destroy every Vampire on this earth and prevent them from
spreading there evil virus. I know Vampires are a dying breed and with
my input, soon they shall be extinct.
This is the first time I have made it public, and I am always open for
support. If you are a vampire, reading this.. then I would suggest you
be afraid, you have no idea what I am capable of.
So using this internet site, I can track Vampire nests and make
certain they are crushed.


Latest diary entries by Ewoyn   
10 Dec 07
Since that day. Life itself has been engulfed by wrath, fury and raw venegance. I have lost so...

Q&A Section   
Sidius 10 Dec 07  
You have guts ill give you that, but you have no idea what your dealing with,
child.  I have come into meetings with many hunters, however none to my memory
were 16 years old. Your good with words and are quick to hand out the harsh
words, but how are you at actully hunting? Hm, it shall be interesting if I ever
come into contact with you. I garrentee you, I wont forget what you have said.
Ewoyn 11 Dec 07  
Your desperate and feeble attempt to intimidate me failed. I care not about
age, I have experienced enough to last me five lifetimes.
Ha. Already underestimating me? I am often underestimated, it only makes me
stronger so I suggest you quit your efforts to cut me down, so crawl back to
your hole vampire, or tell me where you dwell, then I will make a clearer
judgement of you.
Sidius 10 Dec 07  
Hm your view on vampires is somewhat distorted. reading your profile it shows
we have a similar past.. in a sense.. I too lost my family. 
but Ewoyn, you had want to watch how you speak to our kind we are not animals.
Ewoyn 10 Dec 07  
You call it distorted, but what it is, is truth.
I'd rather you not compare myself to you, it makes me ill. Vampires are
the Lowliest scum to ever walk this earth. I couldn’t be more different from
Calling vampires Animals? No, no, that would be a compliment to you and your
bloodthirsty kind.
The loss of your apparent "family" means nothing to me, telling me this only
gives me a strength to continue my work.
xXDrinkerxofxBloodXx 2 Dec 07  
Ewoyn, I see your point of why you do not like our kind, but my clan that I
live in, we do not fest upon the blood of humans, but of the blood of animals. 
Some vampires do not have a choose, to become a vampire or not, but we as
vampires have a choose to live of the blood of humans or animals.
Ewoyn 8 Dec 07  
I know plenty on vampires who claim to only draw the life from animals and
forthrightly they can not be trusted. 
Betrayal, deception and fabrication are all Vampires can offer. Nothing you say
I can trust nor can it give me reassurance, so save your unworthy excuses and
ruse, vampire.
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