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Fire mark(Dark_lonley is my sister so if you see her talking about it,this is why)

At the time Ryou Fujiwara was born,the world was in chaos.Wars were everywhere.Thugs and homeless people lined the
streets.Hamanos were dispached all over the globe.(Hamanos are men with elementel marks on them.Wind=hand water=neck
earth=shoulder)Why not mention fire?WEll,fire hamanos were not born in over 500,000 years.
 Ryou,however,was special.Ryou is a girl who not only has a elementel mark,but she has a fire maek on her chest.The
world for little Ryouis going to be hard and disaterous.
  When Ryou was five,her father went on a mission,for he was a water hamano.She done the usual,give him a kiss on the
cheek and wave him goodbye.Instead of waving goodbye,he pressed him thumb on her forehead and said some words in a
language she coulden't understand.Soon her Fire mark disapeared."Be a good little girl.Okay?"Her father said kissing her
on her forehead.Ryou shook her head yes and cried.Ryou's father hugged her harder than ever before."I'll be back to see
you again.I promise."He said.Ryou shook her head yes and her father went running."Bye papa.Please come back."She
said.Ryou never would forget that day.For it is the day that her father died.
  Soon Ryou didn't talk.She barley ate,and she cried.8 years it has been like that.She was thirteen now.Ryou should be
talking like crazy now that she is in her teens.But she dosen't.She dosen't talk at all.Ryou fujiwara is trapped inside
her mind for the trauma of losing her father.And she is screaming to get out.
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  EvilBitchygirl — Page created: 18 September 2007  |  Last modified: 20 September 2007
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hhallh13 says:   18 September 2007   448362  
this is good, keep writing!
EvilBitchygirl asks:   18 September 2007   243411  
you really like it?
‹~Wayward Victorian Girl~› says:   18 September 2007   361699  
I love it!
Eeana says:   20 September 2007   455293  
Keep on going Evil-chan.See people like it.i was right.
EvilBitchygirl says:   20 September 2007   641197  
so*sticks tounge out*
Emo_guy101 says:   8 October 2007   956894  
another hidden talent that you have not told me about.
EvilBitchygirl says :   8 October 2007   217518  
I don't keep that amny secretes from you and IT'S NOT A TALENT!!!Anyone with a brain
can type a story.
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