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23 F United States of America
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I am the one who is..
without beginning or end, lasting forever, always existing, and having
eternal life.  
I am perpetual, ceaseless, and endless! 

I am the one who is..
night, hidden, secret, obsolete, to grow dark, and darken.

I am The one who is..
a fierce, violent mythical monster, formidable, dangerous...

I am The Eternal Dark Dragon

I have been around for 13,000 years now but for you human your world
would see me as a normal 13 year old girl but in life I live even
after the end of time. I have been around before the time of life
begun im not human Im immortal some say im an alien, some say I grew
to become the shape of a human. I can worp the time and space of the
universe. If you beleive be doesnt mean there is no God the one you
worthless humans worship it just means he wasnt the very first human
alive or "magic" huma alive. See me and my parents have these names
all start with Eternal mine happends to be the rarest name to buy
Eternal Dark Dragon were I come from you have to buy your name
when your born the name your given is Eternal only mine was
Eternal#10759736 and I was the last born child of the immortales so my
people gave my family glactchnes (money for you humans) to get the
rarest name of my people. Then our planet got destroyed by your God
thinking it was a lifeless planet, but it wasn't your nation was
destroyed by your worthless light and love and feelings and those two
Adam and Eve yes they were real they made our dry land grow that green
stuff you humans call GRASS. My family turned into that snake to make
them betray there God, My world was destroyed it was me and my family
only after having to think of ways to survive at this so called
"night" and "day" we developed being "humans" and we have been roaming
this earth for eternatiy because of what your God has done to my
families people. We were there when Benjamin Franklin made
"electricity" or what ever you human beings call it. My family have
out own language its called well I cant tell you, because you might
die when i do. My family have been trying to restore our nation by
making me marry a human boy and mate with him take the children put
them into families and wait till there welcomed into the family a few
days later we will take the child back because a few days is more
likely to already start talking. A half-human will be immortal too but
is a little bit different. Once we become stronger then you humans we
will take back out planet and show you how it feels to have your
planet tooken away. We will some day rule this world again and you
will serve under me. 
                                            -Eternal Dark Dragon (soon
ruler of "your" world)


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31 Jul 08
Hello Humans or I mean fellow Kupikans,

People here hate that I beileve that I am...

Q&A Section   
angellight02 18 Mar 08  
you realy think thay would
EternalDarkDragon 23 Mar 08  
Yes i think that my people will rule the world again
love_is_all_we_need 5 Mar 08  
I'm not trying to be mean.
I'm saying I don't necessarily agree with what you believe,
but that doesn't mean you don't have a right to them.
and I'm sincerely wishing you good luck.
EternalDarkDragon 6 Mar 08  
Well human or what ever your name is
Father and mother have been telling me wonders about 13,000 years agao and i
asked how is it that im 13,000 years old for some reason evry 1,000 or so years
i loose my memories and so they rexplain my life as an immortale and so i never
know if im truley immortal or my parents liek brainwashing me but I beileve them
 we can die but we have to be unjured really really badly more bad then humans
need to be unjured to die, BUT when cant die of old age because we never
do............more of the story message me
love_is_all_we_need 4 Mar 08  
well then.
good luck with whatever it is you are trying to do.
EternalDarkDragon 5 Mar 08  
Like you name says love is all we need then why do u treat me as if Hate is all
I need

came to this um SITE????? to make human friends and to hope that they would um
LIKE???? me for who i ma and to think that so what if she "thinks" she's
immortal and i get trampled on every day

so if you please proceed on hating me for who i am
Tobey_cat 4 Mar 08  
um...roleplaying i hope? lol cause that honestly insane if you really think you
are immortal....
EternalDarkDragon 5 Mar 08  
I'm not making things up I'm immortal!!!!!
Emalynn_W 4 Mar 08  
I feel bad for probably wore out your poor fingers writing that big
long description about...well, let's face it, nothing.  You don't have any
proof, do you? How can you be sue that you're immortal? 
EternalDarkDragon 5 Mar 08  
Um.. how do you humans say........Back up off of me?????

Anyway i'm immortal and its not a description its my life so now please leave
unless you would like to be cursed
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