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Cryptozoology-a list of beasties

Keep with me, I'll update this every so often. This is my page were I will list various creatures. Mostly It'll be in Cryptozoology, but I will also cover creatures like vampires, aliens, and even man-eating plants. This is covered in years of research, and pictures will be added when I can get them. The Mongolian Death Worm The Death worm is found in the Gobi Desert, mostly in Mongolia. It is active in June and July, but recently has been active year round. It is said to look like a four foot moving red intestine that oozes yellow acid and kills with eletromagnetic pusles. The Death worm is said to be the cause of many villages left abandoned, so is it real or not? I believe. The Kraken No, the Kraken isn't just from POTC. The Kraken is a large creature from the oceans, said to be 80 FT long. It is described as having huge tentacles that wrap around ships and drag them to the Davy Jone's locker. Few, if any, surrive these attacks and live to tell about it. Most dont see the full beast, but drawings picture it as being an over-grown octopus or squid. Real or myth? Real. Studies have shown the Kraken is really the Giant Squid with anger management problems. Giant Squids can grow to be eighty feet long. I believe. Yeti, Bigfoot, Sasquach Do excuse my spelling. Well, the three names above are said to be the same monster, just different regions. They are said to be humanoid apes, covered in hair, that walk on two legs that stand taller than a full grown human male. The ones in the United States, though, are said to be interbreeding because the number of odd-digited prints has increased in recent years. Real or fiction? Many hoaxes have been found, but many have also not been hoaxes. Some scientists believe that something is out there. I also believe something is out there, ape or man. More to come when I get less busy.
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Kirena sings:   2 June 2008   321974  
COOL! =^_^=
aquagirl7 says :   2 June 2008   837936  
I know some!

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