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Espeon Palace

Welcome to Espeon palace. Espeon's biggest fan and I mean it.I know more about Espeon than anyone else and I can
prove it.Espeon is all over my room and everywhere.Her fur has the look and feel of velvet. When she uses her phychic
power her orb on her forhead glows and her forked tail quvers. She is one of the most loyal pokemon  around. Espeon is a
fast Pokemon who works best when played to its strength: special attacking. Outspeeding a good portion of the metagame,
Espeon can be a great asset to any team requiring either a revenge killer or late game sweeper. With a Choice item,
Espeon can revenge kill and sweep quite well, while crippling special walls in its way with Trick. Calm Mind helps
Espeon set up an unbreakable Substitute and proceed to get enough boosts to sweep an entire team, only able to be
stopped by a select few Pokemon. Dual Screen helps a lot of teams set up their more dangerous and frail sweepers, and
can catch an opponent off guard.

Espeon is a strong special attacker and can do its job on any team in need of a revenge killer and special wall lure,
Calm Mind sweeper, or Dual Screen user. With its near unmatchable Speed, its definitely worth considering for your
team.Mabye that is why she 2nd place on the top 10 pokemon phychic although on my list she is more than NUMBER 1! 

Give me a letter for more info

Oh my god, so I googled my name yesterday and I discovered this page! It's 5/31/13, and I barely remember typing this.
OMG this is so cute, but you can definitely tell that I copy pasted like half of this haha. I cannot believe I guessed
my password either..well all of them are similar so... yeah. I'm bored in 5th period. Anywhoo, this is Itzel saying,
Link to this page: copy-paste
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Espeonrocks303702 says:   21 February 2010   534497  
Hello World
Cade14 says :   31 May 2013   901185  
Cool I'm a umbreon fan 

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