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My Oc's.

This page is where I put all my oc's at. I worked hard on the ideas, so please don't steal. Some of my Oc's I will draw and some I might not.. So.. Sorry if I'm using a another anime character that I don't know who it is. Thank you. Please comment? Shugo Chara Name(full): Alistair Fortune Age(this may vary, after we decide if we're doing elementary/junior/highschool, or all): 13 Grade: 7-8 Occupation, if one: None. Personality(positive and negative traits): Alistair is a good piano player, and loves his music. Music is mostly his life and he wants to be famous by just playing the piano. He is also a very caring type of guy and worry's a lot about any simple thing. He is a nervous type of guy. He was born and raised in England, which is why he has the lovely British accent. He is quite new around Japan, only lived there for about two or three years now. Still learning the culture and costumes that he doesn't know that well. He does love to cook, which he usually messes up every time he tries to cook. Hobbies: Playing his piano, reading, cooking(which he is bad at), Family members: Mother and father is unknown. Occupation of mother/father/guardian: Recently when he was living in England, he lived with a old lady and called her his 'Grandma'. She wanted Alistair to live better so she sent him off to Japan to have a better life. It's unknown what she does for a living, but she is still alive. History: Alistair never knew his so called parents, but did live with a old lady that he called "Grandma". He has no clue where or if his parents are still living. He moved to Japan for the reason 'Grandma' wanted his life to be much better so she made him go and live there. During his younger years, he used to help a bunch of times with her, even though she told him just to go play and have fun. He didn't care, he wanted to help. Many kids usually when he was in England, made fun of me, which made Alistair of much of a loner then anything. Although, he wished for things to go better and he wanted to make true friends then being all alone. One day, which he was just waking up, he had a egg right beside him. That's where the story of Alistair and Earl begins. Appearance: When I saw this picture. I was like.. "MUST USE 8D" Name: Earl Color representing(orange, pink, rainbow etc..): Dark Purple Personality(how it's similar and differs from their human): Earl is more of a people person then Alistair. He does try to make Alistair feel more comfortable with people around. He does try sometimes too hard, which sometimes makes things go bad. Other then that, he is more of a gentleman, and loves to have his tea time each day or he would get grumpy. Hobbies: 'Having tea time', helping out Alistair, Ability(ies): Control any type of water, even ice. Appearance: No idea who drew this, but I wanted to use it.. I hope that's okay. Vocaloid Name: Michie or Michi for short. Age: 15 Character Item: Pocky. <3 Picture: I will edit my Vocaloid soon~ I'm also making a shota boy soon as well~
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‹The~Labryinth› says:   26 June 2010   360199  
Earl . :3
EpicFiveMetersofAwesome says :   26 June 2010   531946  
xD Do they look okay?

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