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This page is owned by ‹ENVY ! ?;; XXX-R a t e d Baby ♥ ViewersUnderaged›.
 Let the revolution begin, At the start of something simple and delicate. Let us twist this morally happy family
into something evil and disgusting. Ill start with Tom.

Tom is a hard working man. A family man. He's got a wife and kids. They live in a dream house on the coast. Tom is the
boss of a big business. He's got lots of friends, and he's talented. Tom's wife on the other hand is a stay at home mom,
who enjoys cooking and talking to her friends. Her name is Abigale. Abigale and Tom's kids are all boys, each three
years apart starting at nine years old. Their names are Jared, David, and Michael. This is a story about how this dream
family got torn into pieces.
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  ‹ENVY ! ?;; XXX-R a t e d Baby ♥ ViewersUnderaged› — Page created: 16 July 2009
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‹ENVY ! ?;; XXX-R a t e d Baby ♥ ViewersUnderaged› says:   16 July 2009   928878  
 One day, mid July, A I remember it. Tom was early getting home.
He had bought his wife a lovely pearl necklace, Just for their Anniversary. He parked
the car as he did every day, and entered the kitchen. He was greeted by his three
sons, all telling him about their day in unison. He patted the boys on the heads, and
set his briefcase down. Tom walked into the living room and kicked off his shoes by
the door. He turned around to see his wife on the phone. She looked rather upset.
‹Callie;Calls herself CRUISE. TOM CRUISE ♥› says :   27 July 2009   166482  
Um.. Abigale hung up the phone slowly and turned to her husband. "Honey, I'm sorry.
You're father called. You're mother passed away this morning." She scuffled over to
her husband who had a very shocked look on his face. The three boys started to
sniffle and began to pour out crying.

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