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25 F United States of America
speaks English and German, Standard and Russian
Last login: 5 August 2008
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Member since: 20 December 2007
 "Let's both step outside, just me and you, and we'll see who gets hurt."
I like metal, rock, christian rock, classical, and pretty much
everything else EXCEPT RAP!
I like many different foods. Salads are cool.
I don't wear glasses. I'm single. I'm blonde, shoulder length. Love is
a feeling. It is when your hearts aches for that person. It's when you
can't stand to be without them. It's when there's a connection. It
something many try to explain but fail to list the many
I believe in god. I like lots of different sports. I don't smoke,
drink, do drugs. I'm clean. I like my alone time, but I like to hang
and go out. 
I want to be a criminalist. Not a criminal. -.-
Love and romance is great.
I have lots of skills. I like to sing.
I have many hobbies.
I have two dogs. I have a chihuahua mix. She is beautiful, and not at
all like most chihuahuas! Her name is Pepper. I then have a Boston
Terrier which is actually a mix of french and english bulldogs. His
name is Popeye.
I am very open, so feel free to ask me anything!
Also, even though I have emo/goth qualities and it's in my user, I
don't cut! 
Also, I get along with guys better. I don't get offended by your
jokes, oddly enough. So please guys mail me. I love to hang with guys.

-Jamie T.

...::About Me::...<3 
Full Name: Jamie Leila T_ _ _
Eye Color: they change colour
Hair Color: blonde 
Height: 5'8"
Shoe Size: 7 1/2 for womens I think
Ring Size: like a 6 or 7
Graduating Year: from highschool? 2011
Birthdate: March 26
Zodiac Sign: I think a rat
Concert: Never been. *cries*
Best Friend: Cedric Lewis
Crush: Not sure
Pet: Two I already told you
...::Have You Ever::...<3 
Sky Dived: I WISH!
Bungee Jumped: I wish. 
Gone out of the Country: nope 
Beaten Someone Up:  yes
Gotten Beat Up: nope 
Killed an Animal: yes
Swam in the Ocean: yes
Broke the Law: yesh. . .
Smoked: nope
Chewed Tobacco: nope 
Drank: My dad gave me beer when I was a toddler, but not now. And that
was barely any then. . .
Been Kissed: Yes 
Been In Love: i think. . .
Dumped Someone: yesh 
Been Dumped: yesh 
Broken Someone's heart: Yesh 
Had Your Heart Broken: Yesh
Liked Someone Who Didn't Like You Back: yes 
Broken A Bone: no 
Had Surgery: No but I had stitches. Is that considered a surgery?
Had an X-ray or MRI: yesh
Failed a Class: nope 
Color: black 
Food: . . .  
Drink: Pepsi
Snack: berries
Cereal: Don't like cereal
Ice Cream: Moose Tracks 
Candy: Skittles
Restaurant: Edo Ya? 
Fast Food Place: Subway 
Store: a lot
Animal: wolf 
Quote: "'Let's both step outside, just me, and you, and we'll see who
gets hurt.'"
Sport To Play: volleyball
Sport To Watch: Basketball is all I can stand 
Movie: Die Hard Or Live Free, Long Kiss Goodnight, The Mummy, many
different movies!
TV Show: House
Type Of Music: Rock/Metal
Band: Three Days Grace I guess
Singer: . . .
Song: Pain-Three Days Grace
Pepsi or Coke: PEPSI
Vanilla or Chocolate: chocolate 
Cake or Ice Cream: Cake 
McDonalds or Burger King: BK 
Love or Money: love 
Music or TV: music 
Cat or Dog: dog
Mom or Dad: Neither 
Truck or Car: car 
Ocean or Lake: ocean 
Yahoo or Hotmail: hotmail 
Google or AJ: google 
Light or Dark: dark 
Country or City: country
Rain or Sunshine: rain
...::The Opposite Sex::...<3 
First Thing You Notice: eyes 
Personality or Looks: Personality but looks should be good. xD Not the
most important 
Hair Color: don't care 
Eye Color: don't care 
Short or Tall: Tall
Romanic or Spontaneous: both?
Sense of Humor or Sweet: sense of humor 
Hook up or Relationship: relationship 
Feeling: bored
Listening To: AOL radio 
Want to: . . .
Doing Besides Typing: Sitting, staring at the computer, no wait, wait
I'm floating in the air, and have no eyeballs, what do you think I'm
Thinking About: answering these questions
Wearing: black bra (won't say size sorry), cute black spaghetti strap
shirt with a white rose on it, a hoodie with a cute female cat with
her paw on her hip saying seductively,"' OBEY ME. YOU'LL BE
HAPPIER.'", black bikini cut underwear, and DARK BLUE jeans. xD 
In Love: not right now. -sigh-
Single: yes (unfortunatley) 
Best Friends: Cedric Lewis
...::The Future::...<3 
Career: criminalist. I told you that. -.-
Marriage: yes 
Kids: 1-3

You are an Aries! The Aries person is assertive, brave, energetic,
action-oriented, intelligent, individualistic, ardent, independent,
impulsive, full of strength, competitive, eager, straightforward,
forceful, headstrong, pioneering, a leader, focused on the present and
freedom-loving. They can also sometimes be intemperate, violent,
selfish, impatient, fiery, insensitive, insulting, blunt, mean, rash,
rebellious, extreme, and arrogant. Suitable occupations are where
initiative and enterprise are needed, and preferably physical
activity; such as soldiers, surgeons, engineers, sportspeople and
explorers. Physically the Aries person is said to be tall in stature,
and athletic in appearance. 

Birthstone: Diamond, Aquamarine

Starstone: Amethyst 

Colors: Red, Black

Metal: Iron 

Element: Fire

I'm surprised I haven't gotten more mail. I've had a bunch of accounts
like: JamieT, JamieLeilaTull, JamieLTull, jamietull.... If you knew me
from those accounts mail me.

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AWESOME! I love it. That was beautiful. Jeez, I miss you, Eddy! I'm doing
great, how about you???
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hey my fave color is black too so wanna be friends?
EmoandAnime_Jamie_T 22 Dec 07  
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can u add me
EmoandAnime_Jamie_T 21 Dec 07  
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