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cool quizes. Enjoy.

What do the akasuki members thik of you?

Leader: She's a puppetItachi:.........Kisame: She was bilt by him and loved by him how wearedDeidara:I like to blow shit up Yeah!Sasori: I made her and i love her.
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What is your spirit animal? (6 outcomes w pics!!!)

your spirit is a tiger!you have a sometimes fierce naturethat can drive people away easilly. you tend to cling to the friends that you have...
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<table width="275" cellpadding="3" cellspacing="0" bordercolor="#FFFFFD" border="1" bgcolor="#FFFFFD"><tr><td> <font size="3">what dragon breed are you? Beautiful pics!!!</font> </td></tr><tr><td><font size="2" color="#000001">

you are the green dragon!kill style:magicelementarthwings:transparentpersonallity:you are a calp person who is in tune w/ nature.
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What Maurauders era character are you?

You are Miss Lily Evans. A fiery redhead who has a stubborn streak as wide as her apparent hatred for James Potter. She gave in and began dating him in her seventh year, only to marry him several years later.
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what type of dark creature are you? (4 results w pics)

you are a death angel!you were created specifically to reap humand when their time was up.
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Would the akatsuki accept you? and what do they think of you? INCLUDEING : my character ^^
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketYou made the akatsuki no problem...ur just what we need..u'll fit in well..but now EVERYBODY will like we go.Pein:interesting person _____ is...(the _____ is your name..)Itachi:just another member..tho i do like him/her better than most of the akatsuki here...Sasori:are you interested in art?, Me:*anime sweatdrop*Zetsu(good):hi there..,Zetsu(bad):can we eat her/him? *they both start fighting..*Kakuzu:*trying to steal MY money*Tobi:*he's ACTUALLY sleeping*Deidara:*relaxing because tobi's asleep...mainly because he knocked him out XD*Hidan:hmm? oh! hi there would u like to be a sacrafice for jashin or would u like to become one of his children?!Me:hid-.KAKUZU GET AWAY!..welll yes u are very interesting and were glad to have you as can see..enjoy ur stay and welcome to the akatsuki...
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Who's ur akatsuki bf? (story type =P)

Name:Isabell Silverskinbf:itachibest friend:leaderhate:deidara&tobiwhat they all think of uitachi-shes dark..mysterious beautiful and cold..i love hertobi-*he ish deaddeidara-she killed tobi...cruel..sasori:she's strong too strong...leader:shes a good member..itachi loves her i hope not too much to get inthe way..personalitydark&kill lovermysterious coldwill kill anybody on sightlikes...itachiblooddarknessdestructiondislikes...everything to do with good...
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these quizes r so cool
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did you take them?
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