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The Story of Alice McCarely - Chapter 1

“Shall I get you a cup of tea darling?” said Aunt Amanda in a sickening and fake voice. “No, thank you.” Alice
replied quickly. And before Grandma could tell her off for not accepting kind offers, she stood up, pushed in her chair
and said “Thank you ever so much for making tea, Aunt Amanda. And thank you for coming, Grandmother.” And with that,
she dashed out of the room and up the stairs to her bedroom. “Phew, now that was a close call. Well, I guess I’ll
start on my homework now. After 30 minutes, she finally stood up, packed her homework into her schoolbag and sat back in
her chair with a contented smile. She thought “If that menace Jordan wants to see how smart I am, then I’ll show him
how smart I am.” Then she heard a loud knock from the door. She groaned. It was Aunt Amanda, going to fuss about what
Alice was wearing, doing and even saying. She said politely, “Come in Aunt Amanda.” 

             But this time, Aunt Amanda had a worried expression rather than an angry one. She said “The government is
demanding that I send you to a children’s home instead of letting you live with me. Now he is threatening to fine me
$10,000 if I don’t give in this time.” Alice’s mouth opened and closed, then she asked softly “Aunt, you being
my guardian – Are you saying that it-it’s illegal?” The trembling woman looked away, but nodded sadly. Alice
gasped and both of them were quite for a few minutes, then she stood up and started taking clothes out of her wardrobe
and folding them neatly on her bed. Aunt Amanda said “What are you doing Alice? Don’t tell me you’re really
packing! I know that you’ll have to go at some time, but we can still stay together for a while longer.” Alice tried
to smile and said “I’ll miss you too Aunt, but the sooner I leave the better. If the government didn’t give you a
deadline, it means that he wants it done immediately. Besides, we can still call each other.

  Aunt Amanda agreed and dragged herself out of the room. When she was completely out of earshot, Alice said to herself
“Well would you look at that. A hypocrite, an arrogant woman and now she is a criminal for harboring a child illegally
too. Why did my parents ever trust me with her? Oh yeah, I forgot. They were like her, too.” Then she continued
unpacking her belongings. After 2 hours, Alice was packed up and ready to go. When they reached the children’s home,
Aunt Amanda waved goodbye to Alice sadly. As she turned back to enter the home, Alice thought “She does care a lot
about me. Still, nothing can be done now. And since there’s no point in crying my eyes out because I miss her, I’ll
move on with my life. No matter how miserable it’s going to be here.
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‹AFIIQAA! Says heyy.› says:   2 March 2007   389613  
this is ann excellent story!
hyugagirl09 says:   2 March 2007   844766  
Emerald145 says :   2 March 2007   279578  
Thank you so much!

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