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Leaving the funfair: Chapter one

Leaving the funfair is based on The Switch by Anthony Horowitz. It is my ending of the story though I've changed and
made some new characters to make it mine.



Will looked at the dark blue sky wondering when Hart was coming. Will didn't know much about Hart. Just that he wanted
to do business with him. Will was your average 13yr old. But what you didn't know by glancing at him was he lived in a
caravan. In a funfair by Southsea port. The funfair was a old one. The kind that people go to when the others are far
too expensive. Will could smell the fish and chips from his supper. He could hear the birds sqwarking as they flew home
to their cosy nests. He sighed. Was it 9pm yet? Will didn't have a watch or a clock he could look at. Just at that
moment a mysterious black Rolls Royce drove into the fair. Hart or business? Will thought. Still he went up to
the car with his best smile. 
"Hello welcome to Southsea Port Funfair" He murmered.
"I know Will" A low male voice hissed.
Will nodded. This was definately Hart. Hart tugged Will into the Rolls Royce. It smelt of mothballs inside. Will
wrinkled his nose.He leant forwards to the drivers seat where Hart was sitting. 
"What business are we doing?" He asked
"You'll soon see" Hart replied. Then the Rolls Royce engine came to life and they took off.

Will took a step out of the car. He slammed the door then looked at the location they had arrived at. It was a narrow,
old house. It was 3 storeys. Will touched the wodden door. It was rough. Will shuddered, not because of the cold but
because he had a feeling something was up. Hart took  out a oddly shaped key and put it in the lock. With one twist the
door opened. 
"DAISY!" Hart shouted. A thin girl appeared in the hallway. She had ginger hair the colour of fire, baby blue eyes and a
huge grin. 
"Hey dad" She shouted "Hello Will"
Will tipped his head in greetment. He was still taking in the scenary of the beige walls. 

Soon they threesome were walking down a wide road. To dinner, Hart had said. Suddenly there was a loud crunching sound 
"Aw shucks" Hart shouted "My stupid cane"
"Can you walk without it?" Daisy asked concerned
"WHAT DO YOU THINK?!" Hart screamed. Will shook his head.
"Let's go back then" He whispered awware of the people peeking from inside their houses.
Hart shook his head.
"No use. I can't walk. Listen I have an idea..." Hart hissed quickly
Daisy and Will put their heads closer to Hart's...


Ok so that's chapter 1. What do you think?
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