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My Fave Sex Stories (Of Mine)

The Bar ~ 3-Some

I walked into the bar, and saw him waiting for me. His coral blue eyes glanced up
and down my body, stopping at my breasts. I sauntered over, and sat down beside him
at the bar. His eyes were still on my breasts. I ordered a blue WKD, my eyes not
leaving his. He was tall, nearly 6 foot, with dirty blonde hair that drooped over
his eyes. He sometimes reminded me of Leonardo Di Caprio. 

He leaned towards me, so obviously leaning in for a kiss. I took a sip of WKD and
smirked. The bar was nearly empty. We'd been here longer than I'd thought. 
"April, I own this bar. Don't go looking at the door like you want to leave." he
I hadn't realised I was looking at the door. 
"Gerry," The barman said. "Im leaving now. Help yourself, since its your bar."

The barman put the entrance to the bar on the latch, and left.

"Well... April... We're All Alone..." Gerry leaned towards me again. This time I
leaned in towards him. We met in the middle.
I immediatly felt his tongue trying to invade my mouth. I let it in, my tongue
meeting his in a tangle. I felt my pussy get wet and my nipples go hard as he
started carresing my breasts. I moaned into his mouth, as his hands reached to
unhook my bra and pull down my trousers.

I moaned in his mouth as his fingers started to wind themselves down my jeans,
feeling the warm, wet feeling of my pussy get warmer and wetter. My body couldn't
wait for his cock to penetrate me. My hands strayed across his shirt, slowly,
sexily, undoing his shirt. When it was undone, he shrugged it to the floor. He
reached for my shirt and I happily pulled it off. His hand was carressing my pussy
all the while, but now he started to take off my jeans. I unclasped his belt as he
fiddled with my jeans, throwing them to the floor once he had them off. He then
helped me remove his trousers, revealing a massive, bulging cock concealed beneath
grey calvin klein boxers. 

His big hands made their way to my back, where the clasp of my bra was. He fiddled
it for quite a while before it came undone. I giggled sexily as he struggled to take
it off. My breasts bounced out of their size E cups. He slowly slid my thong down
onto the floor, off the barstools we were sitting on. I started massaging the place
where his cock was, feeling it bulge and throb for me. I couldn't stand it any
longer - I removed his boxers in the blink of an eye and started licking his
enormous shaft from balls to head, him moaning all the while. What he didn't know
was that I was massaging my clit during this. 

That was when the bartender came back in. "Hey, Gerry, I think I've forgotten my..."
He stared in shock at our scene of lust. But what he did next surprised me. He
unbuckled his trousers, threw them on the floor and came over to join us, naked.
Gerry and the bartender led me over to the pool table where they slotted all the
balls in the holes and proceded to lay me on top of the table. Gerry climbed on top
of me and put his cock into my mouth again, craving for a blowjob. Meanwhile, the
bartender climbed on top and started eating my pussy. I moaned hornily onto Gerrys
cock, which seemed to turn him on.

Gerry started to pound his cock harder into my mouth, gagging me when it hit the
back of my throut. The bartender stopped eating my pussy and started to circle my
hole with his long, thick fingers. I moaned loud onto Gerrys cock, which I felt
swell in my mouth. I reached up for his balls and felt them tight - he was ready to
cum. No sooner than I had realised this, he cummed in my mouth. His cock relaxed and
went soft in my mouth as I struggled to swallow all of his salty cum. He removed his
cock from my mouth and got dressed. "I've got to go April. You and James enjoy
yourselves" he winked. I assumed James was the bartender. 

James guided his cock towards my tight hole. His cock was so much longer and larger
than Gerrys, I wasn't sure I could accomodate all of his manhood. He gave me a sexy
look as he pushed lightly into my pussy. I started to move my hips up towards his
cock, moving it in faster than he planned to put it in. "Faster, James... Harder!" I
pleaded, he obliged happily. I felt his enormous cock pound the inside of my pussy, I
shifted under him, and his cock found my spot. I moaned so loudly I almost screamed,
James only smiled harder, moaned louder, pounded faster. I felt my pussy get warmer,
ready to cum. I reached down for Gerrys balls, and found them rock solid. We were
both going to cum soon. It felt so good, I didn't want it to end. As he came closer
to cumming, he pounded my pussy harder, faster and deeper. I moved my hips up
towards him when he thrusted in, and way from him when he pulled out. His moans
became more desparated, his body needing mine. My body needed his. I cummed onto his
massive cock, my pussy clenching his as he thrusted, which turned him on even more.
He cummed in me so much, his cum dripped out of my hole. 

We cleaned up ourselves and got dressed, both heading for the door when he went
behind the bar and returned with a coat.

"I only came in for my coat, and look what I got"
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