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free ride 2 game

hear is a link to a fun game called free ride 2 
i made a game for it you will be flying all around but u have to stay alive if you crash into the circl in the senter u
will die (only yous bikes) to get this bourd paste 

-ag -2l1 -bb -2kn -c4 -2ka -cv -2jo -dm -2j4 -ed -2ig -eu -2hl -fa -2gl -fi -2fg -fm -2e4 -g1 -2ci -gc -2b5 -gf -29o -fr
-28j -em -27s -d2 -27g -bg -278 -9s -272 -82 -26t -64 -26r -46 -26t -2g -27d -1e -285 -s -296 -n -2ab -t -2bl -16 -2d8
-1b -2em -1n -2g5 -2b -2hn -39 -2j8 -4g -2ki -5p -2lq -6v -2mh -87 -2mf -9c -2m3 -a9 -2lg -b0 -2ku,-6r -sv -7j -te -8g
-tm -9g -th -ae -t8 -b9 -sl -bu -rp -cf -qn -ch -pf -ce -oc -c4 -n8 -bj -m9 -ao -lf -9j -l6 -8g -lc -7h -lv -6q -n1 -6b
-o0 -60 -p7 -5v -qa -63 -rg -6c -sg -71 -t6##G 3v -4h ab,G 49 -5v 9u,G 73 -47 a4,G 6j -3p ak,G 46 -3f ap,G 4e -47 a7,G
5g -2t a7,G 5h -35 a8,G 65 -4d 9q,G 7m -3u 9t,G 6t -30 as,G 6j -1g ao,G 5o -1q af,G 4b -22 ae,B 5o -27 9r,G 7a -1hk 7e,G
53 -1ha 7i,G 3c -1ho 6r,G 2a -1k6 68,G 2f -1ke 77,G 3r -1n2 6t,G 32 -1lo 70,G 45 -1le 7d,G t -1mf 6a,G 5g -1fn 4l,G 56
-1mp 86,G 6l -1lj 7e,G 5d -1bb 7t,G 6r -19v 8h,G 88 -19g 81,G 9n -1bl 7i,G 8s -1c7 83,G 6e -1da 81,G 6e -1d3 88,G 83
-1cu 7u,G 8h -1e0 7t,G 8r -1fj 79,G 7p -1ed 7m,G 7a -1fv 7j,G 6t -1fi 7o,G 5o -1gh 7k,G 62 -1h2 7o,G 53 -1ic 73,G 4q
-1i3 7j,G 5v -1ip 7a,G 4k -1jp 6s,G 4b -1k4 79,G 3s -1kn 76,G 4k -1l6 6p,G 3i -1lr 6v,G 35 -1m4 7e,G 4v -1gg 7d,G 6o
-1ef 7q,G 66 -1dn 7n,G 88 -1dk 7u,G 95 -1cu 81,G 8d -1aq 7f,G 5d -1ca 61,G 66 -1c4 7j,G 4n -1bv 4h,G 7c -1e1 7c,G 7e
-1bt 99,G 6l -1b1 8a,G 66 -19v 8c,G 4v -18d 8b,G 5d -190 7c,G 53 -19q 7v,G 5g -19a 85,G 67 -196 7r,G 85 -19g 81,G 9f
-195 89,G 8m -188 86,G 61 -16r 81,G 4g -17f 7o,G 67 -188 83,G 6m -17c 81,G 5s -124 8f,G 8s -13k 8g,G 7c -14b 7v,G 9n
-14i 8g,G 5e -14f 7v,G 6m -14i 8a,G 61 -15s 88,G 95 -16j 8c,G 7o -16q 8g,G 6t -16c 8j,G 51 -154 8k,G 7p -15q 8h,G 9b
-15t 8j,G 74 -125 8v,G 67 -143 8i,G 6m -135 8p,G 7h -130 8g,G 9a -12p 8m,G 7r -11e 8i,G 64 -11j 8n,G 7r -vv 8i,G 8n -10v
7u,G 9f -109 8m,G 9q -v8 8d,G a8 -ua 8d,G 88 -tm 84,G 7a -tk 88,G 9u -t9 8c,G 7f -sb 8i,G 75 -r4 8o,G 6t -qb 8n,G 7o -pd
8l,G 8d -ou 8k,G 8m -o5 8p,G 72 -o7 8a,G 8a -n2 8i,G 7f -mo 8k,G 9i -mt 8f,G a4 -ne 8i,G 7t -jh 8c,G 8a -jh 8e,G 8u -kf
80,G 7j -ks 84,G 7j -lb 89,G a3 -ld 86,G 9b -jj 98,G 90 -ih 90,G 8u -gp 91,G ae -fc 9f,G 7j -dh 99,G 8a -dr 9d,G 7k -c6
a9,G 72 -aa a2,G 5o -9t 9t,G 5o -8h 9o,G 4s -7e 9j,G 6l -73 99,G 6r -7v a4,G 8f -i9 8p,G 80 -fr 8u,G 8k -fi 8b,G 80 -ej
1o,G 72 -ci 9r,G 82 -bf 90,G 90 -8j 95,G -oj -1i6 2p,G -pt -1k5 3n,G -on -1kc 33,G -pb -1hl 2u,G -pb -1gp 28,G -lp -1ff
32,G -m8 -1gi 2v,G -m5 -1i4 2u,G -ma -1jm 3d,G -o9 -1m5 3e,G -og -1l3 2m,G -nk -1kj 30,G -nf -1j6 2c,G -o3 -1ib 2i,G -o4
-1ha 2g,G -o6 -1gs 2v,G -ng -1fr 2d,G -nn -1fm 32,G -p9 -1g8 2p,G -pm -1fk 2g,G -ob -1em 2r,G -mm -1el 34,G -mp -1d9
2c,G -ms -1d1 31,G -nk -1cu 26,G -n5 -1bk 2k,G -ob -1ci 2t,G -la -1bn 2n,G -p9 -1eb 33,G -od -1ds 2p,G -pm -1cb 39,G -oi
-19h 2n,G -pg -1bf 32,G -rs -1bn 2l,G -l9 -1b2 2s,G -mi -1bd 30,G -lr -19j 2h,G -m7 -1a4 2u,G -ni -1af 34,G -mu -18v
2t,G -lt -17i 2b,G -o8 -17v 2v,G -lu -18b 3e,G -n8 -18n 30,G -m8 -162 29,G -lm -15p 2s,G -la -16m 2t,G -nl -16n 2r,G -o8
-14o 2h,G -nb -160 37,G -od -15u 2q,G -nq -142 2q,G -lu -13n 2k,G -ov -13q 2p,G -lt -10t 33,G -pg -11u 32,G -mp -vg 2n,G
-k1 -uj 2o,G -p2 -ti 2t,G -mc -si 2l,G -ot -u8 2u,G -nn -us 2s,G -kb -11u 42,G -mi -11n 33,G -ni -10o 30,G -m7 -vt 35,G
-kj -vc 39,G -o8 -vj 2v,G -oj -vc 31,G -mk -u1 2u,G -mc -t6 2r,G -n6 -rt 2i,G -ni -q9 2n,G -ol -pv 2j,G -ni -na 1t,G -kl
-lg 2s,G -mm -l9 2o,G -nl -r0 37,G -lu -qt 2v,G -ni -sh 2r,G -o4 -qg 2q,G -lm -pb 2e,G -n6 -o3 2c,G -m2 -nc 2r,G -o3 -na
2u,G -n3 -mh 2t,G -mi -lv 2s,G -mu -lh 35,G -ni -k8 39,G -mk -if 34,G -l9 -ha 2s,G -mm -fj 2u,G -nf -es 2k,G -lp -bq
16,G -ms -6t 20,G -hf -3m 1d,G -ia -3h 29,G -jg -5e 35,G -lp -53 2f,G -kj -8i 2h,G -lh -jg 2o,G -nk -ir 2u,G -ma -i5
2g,G -lh -h5 2j,G -na -fs 2k,G -mh -eg 2f,G -md -ct 2a,G -kj -c7 2a,G -l2 -ao 1r,G -m0 -a6 2i,G -l9 -8f 27,G -kj -88
26,G -mm -77 2l,G -kj -5t 2p,G -hp -3a 1j,G -is -46 2m,G -j8 -5b 2h,G -jj -54 2s,G -j4 -77 3m,G -la -8p 2v,G -k6 -a9
34,G -kh -be 2u,G -lf -d3 36,G -mr -f4 2q,G -kh -gv 2r,G -n6 -ic 2k,G -ke -j3 2e,G -le -h2 2c,G -kh -ef 2a,G -l9 -c9
2k,G -jo -9b 2e,G -jv -85 2j,G -ig -69 2n,G -i3 -58 2i,G ad -j5 8l,G 87 -gj 90,G 97 -el 8t,G a1 -dd 8t,G 84 -bm 90,G 7v
-9s 9b,G 50 -64 8q,G 6s -5v 8n,G 3c -7r 84,G 74 -88 8g,G 53 -8s 91,G 2n -85 8f,G 4t -8m 4e,G 5u -a9 80,G 8l -b2 81,G 8j
-co 81,G 8u -ct 88,G 9c -eu 7v,G 82 -g7 8b,G 89 -im 8f,G 9d -h9 8h,G ai -id 8b,G 8u -k6 7j,G 8g -k3 8h,G 86 -lh 8n,G 92
-mm 8o,G 99 -si 8j,G 78 -rc 8i,G 95 -pg 91,G 99 -nr 8g,G 6q -pg 87,G 9e -r2 86,G 8b -ro 88,G 7i -uq 7o,G 7j -u3 86,G 9f
-td 7t,G 9r -td 8e,G 8t -v9 8d,G 6n -10c 8n,G 8q -11d 7n,G 7i -12g 7q,G 7i -13j 8c,G 6s -14g 7m,G 74 -14j 8a,G 6q -154
7o,G 7o -16s 80,G 7q -17q 80,G 71 -18n 8b,G 77 -19m 8b,G 6j -1b8 6l,G 6v -1b5 7n,G 7e -1b3 7d,G 4t -1ck 6b,G 6d -1do
78,G 61 -1ec 7i,G 5a -1f2 7v,G 7r -1gf 7k,G 6v -1hq 7h,G 7b -1jj 7d,G 5d -1k5 7i,G 52 -1kt 7j,G -g3 -2u 5,G -er -2b b5,G
-em -49 b2,G -dj -3n b8,G -ff -1k 1,G -g8 -1u b7,G -do 4 au,G -at -1f b8,G -bp -18 b8,G -bn -3l 1,G -b0 -9 b8,G -bh 4
1,G -d8 -26 b5,G -e6 -13 4,G -ci m 9,G -eb -o 8,G -f4 4 1,G -g0 4 6,G -h6 r b,G -hp -3b 9,G -il -13 8,G -hu -17 b7,G -hd
13 b8,G -h0 -r 3,G -er 7 av,G -d4 k 4,G -bf -5 as,G -a7 -28 5,G -8s -2a b8,G -a5 -36 g,G -9r 4 1,G -9q -7 8,G -89 -15
1,G -8i -2 2,G -8v -4v 3g,G -7v -41 ap,G -7f -49 7,G -7a -4q 7,G -7i -3q 6,G -8g -3q g,G -8l -50 b8,G -8b -39 9,G -8d
-3d i,G -97 -18 f,G -8i -50 5s,G -81 -20 2,G -7b -2i 3,G -7b -2d 3,G -6s -3v 9v,G -7g -1d 7,G -7g 9 8,G -gg -1mg 5f,G
-i0 -1ov 5i,G -g3 -1pe 5b,G -jd -1ov 57,G -jm -1nn 5b,G -p5 -1oe 5c,G -qi -1pc 5b,G -r6 -1q5 5s,G -qs -1ml 5l,G -pl -1nv
5m,G -pa -1og 5k,G -p0 -1mu 5n,G -nt -1nb 5l,G -n7 -1mp 5j,G -nr -1lp 5d,G -l4 -1md 6c,G -l6 -1mp 5i,G -li -1ob 5g,G -ja
-1mf 5o,G -jd -1lh 5h,G -m6 -1ne 4q,G -mq -1o7 5j,G -pg -1pf 53,G -qe -1qr 5i,G -qd -1qr 5l,G -q4 -1s8 5d,G -m6 -1rn
60,G -nu -1so 5t,G -ld -1rn 5s,G -oh -1ru 4t,G -pf -1t9 5a,G -pp -1uk 5j,G -pn -1pt 5j,G -or -1pf 66,G -nr -1ol 5i,G -nr
-1qd 5i,G -n0 -1pk 5f,G -l9 -1oj 5v,G -l8 -1qc 5n,G -m2 -1oq 5f,G -jp -1o2 64,G -jk -1o6 5j,G -ku -1q5 5e,G -l8 -1r8
5h,G -ls -1qc 5b,G -k8 -1qk 5j,G -kl -1qp 59,G -j7 -1qp 5d,G -jc -1pf 5d,G -i7 -1rk 5t,G -h4 -1pf 5k,G -io -1pt 54,G -ic
-1qf 5m,G -jc -1qn 52,G -h4 -1pu 5n,G -hl -1nl 1q,G -gl -1r5 5v,G -gj -1oo 5e,G -hg -1qa 5h,G -h4 -1q7 69,G -g9 -1qa
5i,G -82 -1oo 5n,G -97 -1nq 5e,G -aa -1n6 52,G -c9 -1oe 4s,G -dh -1mu 5f,G -fn -1o2 4f,G -fp -1ph 5g,G -ek -1ns 5j,G -c3
-1oc 6g,G -4e -1mn 5m,G -8q -1ne 4o,G -a0 -1n9 5c,G -ci -1no 5a,G -dc -1og 5i,G -dj -1oq 5g,G -dl -1n6 5h,G -eu -1n3
4j,G -eu -1o7 5l,G -fu -1om 5i,G -ci -1m1 5s,G -bv -1ns 5o,G -b8 -1n3 5k,G -am -1mq 5t,G -9c -1nl 5p,G -89 -1n9 5p,G -9k
-1n3 59,G -bd -1oe 50,G -cg -1pt 5b,G -dv -1oc 5c,G -e9 -1pu 5u,G -ec -1p4 5j,G -ct -1qh 5p,G -cd -1ns 5q,G -b6 -1ov
5o,G -aa -1om 5g,G -8v -1p2 5v,G -7v -1p2 5k,G 29 -6k av,G 2n -63 b8,G 3b -3q 0,G 2j -55 b5,G 24 -4m 5,G -e -5s b0,G -14
-6v 3,G -28 -66 1,G -3v -84 4,G -48 -71 1,G -4n -57 1,G -3s -45 b7,G -3d -49 b0,G -2d -68 b6,G -h -5h b4,G 2 -6v e,G -20
-76 u,G -4q -40 f,G -5q -66 j,G -33 -3c b1,G -1c -55 b4,G 18 -7t b1,G 2g -3q 2,G 10 -58 h,G 10 -6f b8,G -1t -4u 6,G -1c
-5p 2,G -3l -2i b6,G -22 -2d b3,G -h -4m b4,G i -7e b8,G -1e -42 b3,G -1h -3v b6,G -1 -47 b0,G 2l -2g au,G 1q -5h av,G
3e -2g b1,G 3b -39 at,G 1d -4f 2,G -1j -2s m,G -3b -5k p,G -4q -37 3,G -3p -3o 1,G -2h -42 b1,G -2d -39 7,G -54 -1p n,G
-6p -2o 2,G -78 -n b5,G -67 -11 b4,G -5c -k 3,G -6p -1mh 5d,G -7j -1mu 55,G -6i -1nd 7a,G -8l -1o0 5h,G -6p -1nh 5t,G
-66 -1o0 5t,G -5m -1op 5o,G 2 -1o5 5p,G 1j -1o6 60,G -r -1oq 5p,G 30 -1ns 5k,G 43 -1o6 5n,G 20 -1of 5m,G 1u -1mo 5l,G 2i
-1mo 8e,G 17 -1m5 5j,G 3d -1of 5m,G 2d -1mk 5g,G 20 -1o3 5o,G o -1mm 5o,G j -1od 5f,G -i -1oq 4f,G -1u -1qc 5h,G -49
-1nu 61,G -57 -1np 59,G -6b -1os 5t,G -5s -1og 63,G -5h -1oa 68,G -4p -1p3 69,G -4f -1op 5s,G -3r -1pb 68,G -2t -1o6
61,G -3l -1nu 3v,G -3l -1pb 5k,G -3o -1q1 5k,G -2d -1p1 67,G -1n -1on 62,G -29 -1o5 5i,G -3q -1pd 5m,G -2s -1nc 7o,G -u
-1nm 61,G -15 -1n2 59,G -m -1p1 5v,G c -1mh 6j,G 7 -1o3 5c,G g -1lm 67,G -c -1m9 5o,G -1d -1m7 3m,G -1s -1n8 5l,G -3q
-1m2 3s,G -4k -1n3 4r,G -4u -1mu 5g,G -65 -1lv 5p,G -5r -1mp 5o,G -5n -1lt 5p,G -6d -1n8 5c,G -5h -1m9 6l,G -4f -1m7
6a,G -3l -1lq 6j,G -1v -1mh 6g,G -1s -1me 5j,G -1u -1mt 5k,G -2j -1mm 5g,G -39 -1mo 5a,G -44 -1mp 5k,B -44 -1ma 47,B -4r
-1lt 56,B -5i -1lo 5k,G 1q -q 1,G 19 -q 6,G 0 -1f g,G q -3i b7,G 8 -1p b,G d -2s 5k,G -j -1k t,G -16 -1p i,G -1l -3u
5s,G -1l -v b8,G -3a -23 i,G -3h -2p b8,G -2o -1t 4,G -2c -2h 3,G -27 -2h 1,G -1v -2c 4,G -1v -t 7,G -1e -4b 66,G -19
-3i a9,G -s -2p ai,G -12 -3k 4,G -l -27 au,G 0 -20 b5,G 13 -2p ap,G 1q -2i b8,G 2b -2i 5,G 35 -25 b7,G 3j -1t 3,G 3k -1o
b8,G 39 -1k 1,G 2t -t 4,G 24 0 b5,G 45 -12 5u,G 19 -2i 6,G p -30 6,G p -4o b2,G -j -1j b,G -2e -35 t,G -41 -2s f,G -4a
-2r l,G -5n 8 b,G -58 -2h 2,G -5j -5c b0,G -5i -38 aq,G -51 -v 1,G -54 -1 d,G -43 -1o b1,G -4a -j a,G -2j -1j b2,G -2j
-9 i,G -1j -b 6,G -1c -1f 7,G -i -2i 2,G -s 7 7,G 1 -2f aq,G 16 -1e 9t,G 2m -6 9j,G 4h -4 5,G 4u 5 b5,G 5g a t,G 4a -t
2a,G 21 -1m 41,G -1 -q u,G -37 -12 1p,G -45 -m 13,G -41 -l b8,G 1c -20 aq,G 1m -2m b6,G j -17 b5,G -3e -1r b8,G -33 -22
b1,G -27 -23 ab,G -14 -28 ad,G -l -1q b0,G 2 -1g aq,G m -23 a3,G 1c -1a am,G 23 -1t ar,G 2h -1n b6,G 16 -1f h,G 2 -14
b8,G -1m -14 b8,G -3u -1k b8,G -33 -q am,G -2n -11 ap,G -2a -t ai,G -1h -k b7,G -r -1n av,G 0 -7 aq,G m -f b3,G 1n -v
aj,G 2f -11 av,G 1k -k 4,G q 1 d,G -10 n 8,G -22 v 1,G -22 c 0,G -2o 11 3,G -l v b0,G 0 h 1v,G -1c -d n,G -3n -n 3,G 2p
-6 ah,G 1k a b6,G 18 -f b6,G n -1 ao,G c -2 aq,G -4 -c 7,G -e -1 5,G -16 2 d,G -23 -f 1j,G -30 0 o,G -3t h o,G 24 2 a6,G
u 8 4,G -1j 3 20,G -2m i j,G -33 16 8,G -1u 11 ag,G -16 u af,G -10 1r 5,G -24 1q 9,G -2o 2e 1e,G -46 11 28,G -3j 1p 1u,G
-4g a 2t,G -4l -l 33,G -3m -12 2s,G u 2b 1,G 0 2d h,G -j 2h 1,G -1i 2e b8

in the loud box injoy
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