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2013 trailers

This is for all the 2013 movies coming out that look really good.

Mortal Instruments- This one I'm most looking forward to because this is my all time favorite book and I'm so glad its
being turned into a GOOD movie. All the actors are also European. Some of them are from other parts of the world besides
America. Lilly Collins is from America but she was born in the UK. The directer is even European. Its being filmed in
Toronto, Canda.

Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters- "SHOOT HER IN THE BOOBS!!!"

All Superheros Must Die!- I haven't seen this trailer or heard about this movie yet so don't know much about it

Warm Bodies- This looks like a spoof of something but it might be legit.

Beautiful Creatures- Looks alright I guess but not really a witch fan but I know that a lot people like the books and
are psyched for the movies so I'm putting it here.

Oz The Great and Powerful- I'm guessing this is before Dorothy came along?

The Lone Ranger- Johnny Depp Stars in this film!

Add more later.
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  Demonic_Rayne12 — Page created: 1 January 2013
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CoolerThanMe says:   23 February 2013   171664  
The Mortal Instruments series are really, really good. I didn't know
they had a movie coming out about it, tbh. o:
Demonic_Rayne12 says:   23 February 2013   730362  
Yup. Been planning on it since late 2010. Gonna be in theaters in 6 months. Its
possibly my all time favorite series. I'm reading the prequel right now since I read
the 5th book and awaiting till the 6th book comes out in 2014. 
CoolerThanMe says:   23 February 2013   159794  
wow. I read the series in back in '11? 
I had completely forgotten all about it, honestly. I read the four books in the
There's more? o: @Demonic_Rayne12 
Demonic_Rayne12 says:   23 February 2013   297969  
The Mortal Instruments is a series consisting of two story archs. The quest to kill
Clary's father and the quest to kill Clary's brother cause half of her family is
evil. It has 6 books total. The Infernal Devices is the prequel taking place in the
late 1800s with Will, Jem, and Tessa. It has 1 story arch with a total of 3 books.
Then there's The Bane Chronicles with a total of 10 books with 10 story archs since
it follows Magnus Bane and his adventures and it starts off with Why Magnus was
banned from Peru. The Bane Chronicles hasn't come out yet, the third book in The
Infernal Devices hasn't come out yet, and the 6th book in The Mortal Instruments
hasn't come out yet. Oh also there's going to be a sequel(kinda) to The Mortal
Instruments which takes place 5 years later with a different set of characters. Its
gonna be called The Dark Artifices. 

Oh and I did my math wrong. They've been planning this movie since late 2011. 
CoolerThanMe says:   23 February 2013   343630  
i read city of bones/ashes/glass,
and city of fallen angels.
and then i just.. was finished.
i didn't know there was all of this other stuff. 
guess who has to go book shopping again? c:

see, i was watching that trailer you linked,
and then i watched some of the fanmade ones..
is there another book out about jonathan and stuff, or-?
excuse my ignorance. i haven't read these books in a long while, is all. xD
Demonic_Rayne12 says:   23 February 2013   298896  
Which Jonathan? There's like 3. Jonathan Morgensern, Jonathan Herondale, and Jonathan
Shadowhunter. Jonathan Herondale is Jace, and Jonathan Morgenstern is Sebastian. If
your talking about Sebastian then yes. Basically the 5th book, Jace and Sebastian go
missing. Not spoiling anything cause they tell you in the prologue. Legit. The first
5 minutes they tell you. 
CoolerThanMe says:   23 February 2013   778079  
yes, him.
oh god. *~* 
now i really want to get these books.
thanks so much for putting up with my questions, though! c: @Demonic_Rayne12 
Demonic_Rayne12 says:   23 February 2013   307131  
Its all good. My least favorite was the 4th book. My favorite was the 5th book.
Second favorite has to be the third cause they kill Valentine. Kinda a pussy way to
die though. I mean they were building it up so much and they didn't even kill him.
Technically, Clary did but the angel really finished him off. 
‹ReproducesWithPancakes› says:   23 February 2013   478633  
Btw, the Oz movie is before Dorothy comes along.
It's the story of how the wizard came to the land
Demonic_Rayne12 says:   23 February 2013   702084  
Yeah I realized that now. Its the story of Oz. Didn't look much into it. Want to see
it when it comes out but more interested in The City of Bones. 
‹ReproducesWithPancakes› says:   23 February 2013   916860  
Hansel and Gretel looks good also
Did you see the red riding hood one a couple years back (I can't remember the name of
Demonic_Rayne12 says:   23 February 2013   625567  
Its literally called Red Riding Hood and yes I've seen it 3 times. 
‹ReproducesWithPancakes› says:   23 February 2013   117081  
Their coming out with a Jack and the Beanstalk one also. 
Demonic_Rayne12 says :   23 February 2013   769247  
I know. I'm excited for The Bane Chronicles series to come out, The Dark Artifices to
come out, The 6th book of The Mortal Instruments, and the First movie of The Mortal
Instruments to come out. Those are really the only things I'm obsessing over.
Anything else I'm excited for but aren't really doing hardcore research on it. 

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