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These are the lyrics we wrote XP

If you know Aiki this is the songs we have written since her latest entry!

What You Really Are

You are such a pain in the neck!
My lover, I feel as if my heart has turned to black.
Again again and why?
I thought this was real. 
(start chorus) But now I'm beginning to see what you really are: 
To find out what happened to us, you and me.
It's gone, gone, gone.
Now I see why everyone else turned away.
It's what's behind you facade. (end chorus)
So now I feel the pain of 1,000 needles.
Do you feel anything?
Nothing I feel seems to matter anymore!
Am I nothing to you?!
Just a pawn in your little game?
So now your mask is gone.
Now you know why I left.
I'm not yours anymore.
My feelings have washed away through the tide of life.
Forever gone, my feelings for you.
Your gone!
So long!
You mean nothing so just leave.
I've found out what you really are.
What you really are.

The never ending twilight

Sometimes I feel like just breaking down.
I hold it in for their sake.
I'm happy but in the inside I feel I just want to scream.
I'm falling apart, are you happy now?
Do you feel the solemn bliss of being alone?
The feeling overwhelms the mind,falling through this endless balck hole.
Will this ever end?
I mutter just two words:

(start chorus) Save me. Save me from myself.
Help me through my life and mind.
Hold me close, be my shelter, that's all can you manage?
Can you hear that endless call of the lonely wolf?
A call of help, desperation.
I yearn to have what I truly want...
You in my arms again (end chorus)

Wishing for the end of this, is this the way it should be?
But you have to understand everything isn't all about you,
so from the bottom of my heart that has turned black I ask one thing...
Did you ever care at all? 
(enter chorus)
Through the life of never ending twilight. The never ending twilight. The never
ending twilight.

Crazy Enough

I write the sadest stories.
You would be suprized.
 I say the caziest things.
 Sometimes I just want to jump around like I was invincible.
 Just let go!
 Show them who you are!
We write the stupidest things.
You know you wish you had these mad skittles!
Just keep wishin; theres no one like us!
With these crazy things you would think we would be nornal around the sadest
 They tell us to be normal.
But this is a crazy scrambled world.
And whats wrong with us?
 We know how to have a good time.
 Is that so wrong?

(chorus start)Don't think you can stop this explosion of self
find yourself
be yourself
just you
only you
(end chorus)

So don't even try.
 Don't try anything just let go.
Be yourself.
Were just to crazy.
You think you know what ordinary is but its only put in your own words.
 So...(enter chorus)

Two minutes and eleven

My memories sometimes feel so close.
But the memories of you i want to rip to shreds!
So you need to move out of my way!
Did you think I'd be gone if you forgot?
Well I'm not I'm here!
You know why because i want to!

(start chorus)
So get over it
Get over yourself
You think you know Everything but you don't
(end chorus)

So you want to know what i say? 
I say I want you to get a life!
(enter chorus)

You think you own the world but you own nothing.
What I thought I knew of you has disappeared.
You want to find out what its like to be alone
well your about to find out!

Moments of a blinded life

I yell for the Sancuary moments that never seem to come.
I accuse other people for things they don't do  because I don't feel like getting
the blame.
My acrimonious words don't seem to make a difference of how i feel inside.
The abscess' don't seem to make a difference to you.
So now I find what your really doing.
Your ripping me apart  and why?
For your own amusment.
Do you even care.
Seems like time after time i've forgiven you.
So you team up with my worst enemy.

(start chorus)
I try time after time to get over you
but i can't
My whole life i dreamt you were someone else.
I thought i could see straight through you
but now i'm seeing the gate opening up in your eyes.
I cover it up with little things that seem like obsessions
but can't you see...
(end chorus) 

the shadow is different than it looks
my true face is hid behind expressions that are fake
i can't stand the fact of you walking away right infront of my eyes
it makes me sad then the that sadness turns to anger
Then I thank of what I feel...(enter chorus)

(Authors note:Acrimonious means Sarcastic. Abscess means wounds.)


You hurt me so bad.
But when Its all over your eyes seem to be the apologizing light that i need
when no one else seems to understand who i am you come along
healing my wounds
just to tear them apart agian
but now i feel like its worth waiting
just to be with you to the end of time
now making a difference is all i have to remember you
i've learned to be myself no matter what the conseqences
sometimes when you get angry i just want to laugh

(chorus start)

but i give an understanding smile instead
by the end of the day i see your eyes loosen
(chorus end)

so i know that the love in our hearts will keep us together
no matter how many times you rip mine out
even though you act normal your still the same in the inside
people think you became this way because you say the stupidest things
when they laugh i just want to laugh with them
(enter chorus)

So keep your mind off of them and lets focus
you'll begin to see........


You've always found away to get inside my eyes
my fundamental feelings for you seem to be hidden in a fascade of lies
whatsleft of my emotions is you
the good and the bad memories
i'll be here waiting patientlyfor you return

(chorus start)
I miss you
I just wanted you to know how i feel
since you seem to see everything before i think it
why why didn't you tell me that you understood me the whole time
unlike pencil on paper
time can not be erased
(chorus end)

My life was never complete with out you
 I needed you then
and forever
but instead of staying in my arms
you left 
(enter chorus)

so lets try
because together we can do anything
so lets stay together
 and never leave from now on!

(Authors note:fascade means mask.)

What am I

am i here
was i ever
did you miss me
i was never here
did you ever see me in your dreams
'cause i saw you every night
at first i thought i was in a daze but now i see you just the way you are
and i figured i can't let you go
even though i've never had you 
i like you
not the you everone sees
you've been watching your back lately

(chorus start)

am i the only one who cares
why can't you see me
am i a ghost
i'm not like your dumb friends
can't you see
(chorus end)

I love you for who you really are
i've waited to touch your lips with mine
i've waited to hold you close
you know i've always wanted you
so please understand
i love you and always will

(enter chorus)
I love you and always will

Keep Going

Lets run faster
feel the danger
don't let it pass by
keep going don't give up
if you find yourself lost
come to me
I'll show you how i feel

(chorus start)
some how aome way
my option my way
i'll lead the way
follow me
you'll be suprised
I'll show you what i'm made off
(chorus end)

cruel words shouldn't hurt
fight it back
try to save it for last
i'll be there even if i can't

(enter chorus)

can't you see
call on me
cry on my shoulder
i'll be there
you can't impose on someone else
stay with me

(enter chorus agian)

hold my hand through the endless night
i don't care what you think
i'll be with you forever

Ok it took me about six hours to type this all out but i want you guys to tell me
what song you liked the best.If you have any questions feel free to ask them!Please
tell me which one you like the best! These songs were written with Alex (last name
not available) or Aiki on Kupika.
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